Disc Brakes?

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    Hi everyone:

    I'm new to MBs, never even ridden one, but I have 2 standard 66cc (80?), 2 stroke bicycle engine kits and 2 mountain bikes. The kits have the standard single chain rear wheel direct drive configuration. One of the mountain bikes is a KHS Alite 500 with disc brakes (Bengal cable disc MB606 w/6 inch rotors). I'm worried that the disc brakes will get in the way of the rear wheel chain sprocket. Before I take everything apart and try to install the kit I would like to know if anyone uses disc brakes with their motorized bikes and did they have any trouble. I'm worried that there won't be enough room for the sprocket or that brakes will obstruct the chain. I will be forever grateful for any help before I get started.

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    What you could do is install an SBP shift kit. This transmits engine power through the bicycle chain and cassette gears.
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    You could also use a tophat adapter. Pick your poison.