Disc mounted Sprocket from AndyInchVille?

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    Anyone has got one of these before? Can you guys give me some feedback on it? Anything I have to watchout for? Below here are some pictures of my bike and the clearance? Can you guys tell me if you guys think I can use one of Andy's Disc mounted Sprocket? How can I tell that this is not going to give me chainline issues as some people say. Try to get back to me ASAP! Thanks a bunch.

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  2. HI,

    A simple way to see if the disc mounted sprocket will cause interference on your particular set up is to make a "mock up" sprocket out of cardboard (1/8" thick for a race series sprocket with no offset (helps in tight installs)....A 34T sprocket is 5 3/4 inch diameter.

    Simply cut out the "sprocket", attach it to the hub and see if it hits the rear stays (on most bikes direct bolt up will work but on some frame/wheel combos there can be interference that can be often taken care of by slightly re-dishing the rear wheel and or re-spacing....

    The other solution (better from the chain line standpoint) is to use a disc brake hub adapter OR Top Hat adapter (see vendor section for a better description and pics)...Basically they will move the disc mounted sprocket inboard to pretty much where the 9 hole mount would have placed the sprocket....Of curse it will be mounted much more precisely.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Im sorry, I am a bit bike illterate. What are "rear Stays"?
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    Yea, but Andy wouldnt you say mostly any frame designed to hold rear disc brakes can support this hub mount sproket?
  5. HI,

    Rear stays are the little tubes running from the main part of the frame to hold the rear wheel on the bike.

    Yes, MOST bikes will work with the direct hub mounted sprocket BUT there are SOME frame / wheel / sprocket (mainly the larger ones) combinations that CAN cause minor difficulties....This can be often remedied by re-spacing, re-dishing the rear wheel.

    More extreme cases can be solved with the use of a disc hub adapter or "Top Hat" disc hub adapter (see vendor section for pics and additional info)...

    Hope this helps you..