Disgruntled, mistreated, customer robbed!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by kenard, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. kenard

    kenard New Member

    Hi my name is Ken, I am 36, and i unlike most if not all members of this forum do not own a ez motorbike or motor bicycle. They took my money. And took me for a ride on a digital tour (circle) of the Untited States of America. And was told by the representatives, " sorry about your luck, Better call your bank" It appears to be an authorized dealer the requirementas are a heartbeat a brain cell and a commodoer 64. As ROBERT MATHIAS of http://MOTORBICYCLE.ORG seemingly pervided for MR.LEE GUNTHER OF EZMOTORBIKE.COM . Shame on you!

    Am I alone, truely honestly? has no one else been treated with such empathic business ethics?????? Some Body help me, helpme please I feel like I am the only one at the beach in a business suit.

    Sincerly, Humbly Longingfully,

  2. kenard

    kenard New Member

    quote from ez motorbike on home page

    we make every possible effort to be THE BEST!
  3. mystic-chris

    mystic-chris New Member


    I think that in your effort to be clever -- with analogies, etc -- you've made a post that is incomprehensible. I've only gotten the vaguest idea of what your complaint is. Simplify, brother!

  4. kenard

    kenard New Member

    I purchased a conversion kit from www.motorbicycle.org, who is an authorized dealer for EZmotorbike.com. The payment cleared from my account on the 12 th of January, and I have received nothing. After several phones and given the run around I get a call from the VP of EZ Motorbike explaining the reason for the non shipment is because of non payment.
    I explained to him that I made my payment and that I would forward the invoice. Then the VP explained to me that even motorbike.org is recommended as an authorized dealer on their site, he couldnt help me. He suggested that I contact the bank. I was told that I am not the only one.
  5. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    it sounds like in your words you dealt with a dealer (www.motorbicycle.com) and are blaming the maker (ezmotorbike.com) for the fact that the dealer didn't deliver what you ordered. If this is the case, then of course EZ Motorbike is not going to have record of your purchase if you paid Motorbicycle for the kit.
  6. Dave C

    Dave C Member

    Right at the top of that page it says the name is for sale. That would lead me to assume they won't be around for any warrenty work or to back up a sale. It didn't say that when you sent them your money, did it?
  7. BiMoPed

    BiMoPed New Member

    It's www.motorbicycle.ORG NOT .com

  8. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    I typed ".com" in my response not even thinking, but I did go to ".org" just from cutting and pasting from the OP's post
  9. kenard

    kenard New Member

    beg ur pardon the maker backs and recommends the dealer and stil does
  10. kenard

    kenard New Member

    not that i recall... nothing to do on this .. im able bodied aint got a pot to **** in and nothin to lose.... just lost it..
    want to do whats right but im not going to get burned and smile
    this was all i had left after a nasty dui and an eviction ..
  11. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Private message sent. Please check your inbox.
  12. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi kenard,

    We have made every effort to contact the dealer in FL without any success. We have no choice but to suspend his dealership, pending his response. ASAP we will remove him from our authorized dealer list. In the past, he has worked hard, and did a great job in the MB industry, however currently we don't think this is the case.

    Mike Simpson [VP of EZ Motorbike COmpany, Inc.] responded to your issues via a phone call and offered a sound solution to your problem.

    EZ Motorbike Company DID NOT sell you anything, nor did we receive any of your money, or ship any product to you, you did business with a company in FL called www.motorbicycle.org., not EZ Motorbike Company, Inc.

    Authorized EZ Motorbike dealers are independent companies that have the right to purchase products at a wholesale price and market them for a prophit, however are not EZ Motorbike Company.

    Here is an example of how authorized independent dealerships work.

    Purchase a new Chevy at your local authorized GM dealer. The business shuts down, the owner has your money, but never ordered your car. Do you really expect GM in MI to send you a new car without being paid?

    Place a down payment at the Local Harley Davidson dealership, the next day the dealer files for Chapter 11 or 13, never orders or pays for your bike, do you think HD should send you one for free?

    As stated earlier we offered to aid you in solving this problem. We have contacted other EZM dealers, and all are willing to help.

    Sadly we regret you are having other issues, but our offer to help still stands!

    Please feel free to contact me, Mike Simpson, or any EZM dealership to enlist our help in solving your transportation issues.

    My personal cell number is 252-475-0406, or you can email me at quincy163@yahoo.com

    Have fun,
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  13. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    But it sounds like you are trying to contact the distributor/manufacturer about a problem with the dealer. The manufacturer is not going to have ANY records of your transaction with your dealer, no matter how much the manufacturer trusts and recommends the dealer.

    Have you contacted the dealer at all?
  14. kenard

    kenard New Member

    my wife has spoken with mike simpson he is the guy who said sorry bout ur luck and is a vp with ez mtrbke. robert mathias ( authorized dealer ) has yet to be reached or returned a call or email. was bounced to mike from a gentlemen named lee
    man i just want to ride my bike. its a late 60"s schwinn with like 28 inch ape hangers and a real honest to goodness harley davidson seat adapted by my friend kenny . i want to be who ha ing with u guys about about the fun in riding not how much it sucks to get rode
  15. kenard

    kenard New Member

    We placed the order on Jan. 8th. On the 12th the payment of $599 cleared from our account. I did receive a confirmation of the transaction and that was it. After a few weeks went by I began calling the number that is listed on Motorbicycle.org. I spoke with someone that informed that there were more orders than anticipated so they were behind on shipping out orders. I was assured that there was no problem and that my order would be shipped soon. After another week went by, I called the number again and reached a voicemail that was full. That is when i new there was trouble. I started calling every number that I could find that related to either the dealer, or the manufacture. When I contacted EZmotorbike, I was told that my order has been received and that it should be sent out the following Monday.And If there were any problems the person I spoke to would call me and let me know. After another week had gone by I decided to call ezmotorbike again. This time I talked to some one in the Sacramento, I was given the sames answer as before. "It will be Shipped"
    Then Sunday night Mike Simpson contacted me and told me that they reason I had not recieved the product is because they had not received a payment.
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  16. BiMoPed

    BiMoPed New Member

    I was going to ask where you were located and I see you are in California.

    Why did you buy a kit from a Florida EZ Motorbike dealer?

    If you have a DUI be warned that motorized bicycles require an M1 or M2
    license in California. Probably not what you wanted to hear.......sorry to
    hear about your bad experience with trying to buy a kit.
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  17. kenard

    kenard New Member

    regarding the law, u r in error depending on county and whats practical. and not the issue just my burden. this is a forum right, we discuss things. impulsivity and the man/kid in me, are to blame for seeing something so dam cool that he knew he had to have it no matter what . guilty . ===.AND mister guenther might want to check where gm is ranking on wallstreet there to and the business ethics that landed them that sweet spot .understand ur reasonings just got to questi'on the mans values and where his interests lies. i was under the impression the dream superceded the almighty buck and the corporate bs. urs was not the first sight or authorized dealer i looked at . been looking 7 months . and i know little bout computers and am a bit of a bumkin i suppose . what ever profitable. ur right mister guenther. under the law ur right as rainbows . the impoverished and less fortunate should pay the penalty for being in the too dumb to knows n too poor to do nuttin bout category , and u should not have to stand for a mans integrity who distributes ur product n the"''''integrity thereof''''''' good day to you friend , love what and who u don't and do not stand for. i'm not mistaken ur post did compare ur company as to general motors correct ... great example . un-joking-believable.us ladies and gentlemen won't ez-motorbikes and there Authorized dealers stand up n take a bow. nope wait they won't stand for there people but there website happily links u directly to themand gives there authorization right to em ahhh hoooooey beg ur pardon mister but u sure are a coal piece a work. and i do beg the pardon of this forum for being obtrusive or offensive in any way . much obliged for ur time!.
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  18. kenard

    kenard New Member


    I as the persons I have discussed this with, find it without validity, that every conversation I had before that point not once was the non payment issue discussed. Instead I was lied to and circled talked about orders being behind.
    The advice that I was given was to contact my bank. The help I was offered was that It would be okay for my bank to contact him(the vp). I don't want to seem ungrateful for that. But yes I do expect for GM to be concerned about their customers and try to do something more then just an offer of explanation. I was not offered anything at a discounted price. I did fill a dispute win the bank. Unfortunately I do not have another $600 to spend on something that might not come. It will take up to ten business days to get a resolution.
  19. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi kenard,

    Of course, we understand your sadness/anger/dissapointment, and sense of betrayal. Please note that the dealer you purchased your kit from also sells a lot of different kits, and other MB parts. As I am sure you would agree you did business with a company that offered to sell a product and did not indicate he didn't stock or ship his wares.

    Please understand, EZM didn't take your order, receive payment, lie to you, mislead you, or ship you a product. We did agree to "drop ship" the kit from our CA location in order to speed up the process and reduce shipping costs, HOWEVER ONLY AFTER PAYMENT WAS RECEIVED from the dealer.

    I was contacted by the dealer a few moments ago, and the payment has been transferred. I hope you also understand we did everything possible to solve this issue in your favor.

    We value you as "friend" and fellow motorbiker, and will make every effort to see you are 110% satisfied.

    Thanks for the chance to help,
  20. kenard

    kenard New Member


    the issue between i and ez-motorbikes has been resolved (hopefully)... this may be a relatively small issue for most but for me it is monumental. and as soon as i get that bad boy mounted and operational i,ll be sure to post flicks of me doing naked wheelies down the bouelevard holding it wide screamin god bless america...

    thank you to those individuals on this forum who helped guide me and my wife through the proper channels and offered there wisdom

    and extra special thanks to my wife who had she not proof read my posts before posting i'd a surely ended up back in the slammer.

    for all buyers out there ,i believe teddy roosevelt stated , " walk softly but carry a big stick!

    and vendors beware of who you give authorization to push your products . find out what there principles are and the values they stand for. make sure that they somewhat mirror ur own. i'm sure lee iacocha, ( my spelling sucks) , back in the day would not of let pablo escobar sell chryslers. at least i hope not.....

    to be continued..... once again loud and proud THANK YOU FELLAS
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