Dishonesty or coincidence?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by HeadSmess, Mar 19, 2014.

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    The word "gasoline" has never made any sense to me based on the fact that petrol is a liquid, and not a gas in it's normal room temperature state, and "petrol" comes from petroleum stock.

    The word "petrol" makes more sense than "gasoline".
  3. darwin

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    We Americans all got together and decided to call it gas, nuff said!
  4. butre

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    Gasoline is a specific type of petroleum product, petrol would be just as accurate for gasoline, kerosine, diesel, butane, plastic, vaseline, or whatever other petroleum product you can think of
  5. butterbean

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    The arrogance and stupidity of that sentence utterly astounds me. Here in America and probably a few other places (Canada? South America? Elsewhere?) it is called gasoline. Everywhere else it is called petrol. In fact, I would venture a guess that it is called petrol in the majority of the world. "Petrol" is short for petroleum, which gasoline and other fuels are derived from. I call it gasoline because that's what everyone calls it here, but America didn't win this one. So cancel the pyrotechnics, run the flag back down the pole, and send the bald eagles back. In other words, keep it in your pants, darwin!
  6. butre

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    It's only called Petrol in commonwealth countries. The same countries that drive on the wrong side of the road are the ones who say petrol.
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    The point was that most of the world probably does not refer to it as gas or gasoline, and after researching it further, it seems I am correct. There are other terms for it besides petrol in some parts of the world, but they don't call it gas either. Again, cancel the pyrotechnics, run the flag back down the pole, and send the bald eagles back. America doesn't win this one.
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    This whole subject is stupid,... and should be in the off-topic.
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