Disk Brake Problems!!


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2:49 PM
May 20, 2008
i have rear and front disk brakes and am starting to have some serious problems not finding anything that will fit back there, its a hardtail and i would like to keep the disk brakes, what are some options most choose with disk brakes?
There was a member who managed to mount both the driver sprocket and the disc brake rotor to the rotor mount on his rear hub. I can't remember exactly who it was but there were some detailed photos of the set up You might try and spend some time with the search feature and try to find it.

As for the GEBE system I don't think you would have to much trouble using it with a disc rear brake.

what have your problems been? are they with the wheel disc mount or the caliper? at least two caliper bolt spacing modulations exist.... if you are fed up with hydraulic Avid makes an excellent mechanical caliper/disc set-up (or so I have read).
im going with the gebe 4 stroke, i just cant mount it if the disk brake is in the way in becuase it sticks out above my rear axle