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    are disk breaks really nessaray on a motoirzed bike? how much better will they be? will they be alot safer with them on, advantages betwwen disk and regular bicycle disks, r they worth the money to put them on? how much will it cost? what is the best set of disk breaks i could buy and price and what should i do to install them?

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    I would like to know about disc brakes also. I have a similar post in the SAFETY section.

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    Also would like info. I wore out the set of original brake pads on my $66 WalMart bike before I got the engine broke in. When I was a kid I never did wear out a pad and I was pretty rough on my bike. Are the newer pads crappier?
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    I don't have disc brakes at the moment, although I think most need them. What I do have is both front and rear brakes controlled with ONE handle..about $15.00 My brakes work ok but then I'm not riding like my hair (what I have of it) is on fire.
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    disc breaks

    Ahhhh Ron, you crack me up! I had a vision of you with your head in flames. Nicholas Gage did a movie called Ghost Rider of a flaming rider but I don't recall if it was just his head or the whole body.
    I sure wish I had disc brakes on my OCC Chopper, it doesn't stop well even with front and rear rim brakes and I don't go very fast either.
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    I don't know of any advantages of disk brakes that is specific to motorized bicycles.

    One advantage is that disks lose very little stopping power when wet, such as in the rain. Even the best rim brake pads lose some of their power in the rain.

    Another advantage is that if a spoke beaks, a warped rim won't cause the disk brake to rum, like it will with rim brakes.

    Hydraulic disk brakes can produce HUGE amounts of stopping power, but cable-operated disks don't really stop that much better than good rim brakes will.