Dissapointed in Golden Eagle

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by f3if3i, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. f3if3i

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    Ok I received a Golden eagle kit today and starting working at it. Removed my friction drive and rear wheel... then started assembling the gebe system when notice they forgot to include the belt :veryangry::veryangry: I had a bad day before this and now I'm just too **** off to put my friction drive back on again. now have to wait for their email reply and see how long that belt will take to get here... another 8 days of waits right?

    The instruction book also wasn't well written and could be better!

    Just have to let this out as I'm pretty angry :veryangry::veryangry: and dissapointed right now! cmon I spent $360 for it!!!

    Ok now im just gonna go to bed and forget all this... I feel so immature right now but good

  2. RdKryton

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    Give them a chance to make good. They are very highly respected.

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  3. Porkchop

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    f3if3i, Haven't heard from you in a while. I've been reading your post however. I'm surprised you don't like your BMP friction set up. I know several folks, including myself fore warned you about them not working well at all when the rear tire gets wet. I've had no dealings with GEBE, but I do know from this forum they have a high reptutation. Stuff happens ! Always seems to happen to me all the time. Chill out and give them time. Later !
  4. Will Snow

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    I have a Golden Eagle kit plus two others in the past.

    They are good kits and yet nothing is perfect. I had my troubles also such as centering the drive rim in the wheel and broken spokes.

    I bought one of their first kits and could not get the drive rim centered no matter what I did, I think Dennis (owner) got tired of my complaining but he still was a good guy about it. Some wheels, I found it will just not center, on others is near perfect. His new rim is much better.

    Broken spokes: Yep, they do break unless you have a good quality wheel with the large spokes. If you check them often and make sure they are tight you maybe O.K.

    I also have a BMP friction drive and it is very good except on wet streets. That is where the Golden Eagle is the winner.

    The Golden Eagle is a well made and good performing kit. Blow off steam about the belt but stick with it and you will have many reliable miles.

    Good Luck

    Will Snow
  5. f3if3i

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    I love the friction drive, I know it doesn't work well when wet but at time of purchase I figure I won't ride in rain but even riding in a wet street it slip! I just gotta have a system that can take any condition, i love riding my bike. :tt1:

    About the broken spoke, I didn't also ordered their 14 gauge rear wheel, it's very tough looking!! I might just order a front one, hate the $25 shipping charge.

    But anyway, I'm over it now, I can wait, I been riding without pedaling anyway, my leg could use some exercise until it get here :devilish:
  6. Wheres my dog

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    Hang in there...

    I have run any and all sorts of motorized bicycles, and by far, Golden Eagle is the absolute standout in customer service, quality, and a huge grin when you get that bike on the road!

    Well worth the wait of getting the belt shipped to you... do not lose hope!