Dissapointing from grubec suppliers



I find it dissapointing to find that some grubec suppliers cannot even tell me specs on certian item like carbies, motors,diffrent exhuast blah blah all they can tell me it better cause its new to me Iam taking salemens words these suppliers and even grubec need to start publishing specification on there items for people to view and make there own decisions from them

oh well that my 2 bobs worth



Concur, distributors are just about as educated as carsales men....CLUELESS most of the time.

Got a great cars salesman story to share: I actually had a car salesman tell me that the Nissan I was test driving air conditioner compressor was run off of the camshaft not the crank pulley like other cars and because of this, there was no powerloss or fuel economy loss with air conditioning use. This guy was such an idiot that I told him I'd never buy a car from his dealership because he didn't know what he was talking about. I opened the hood and showed him the a/c compressor and the belt that powered it. I also told him that Nissan cannot violate the laws of energy by having an AC compressor consume no power.