distant haze

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    You know when you try and look over a half mile away theres always a haze?Man i hate that.I was at the bad lands state park about 5 years ago and there was an out look point.There was these pictures there on a info thingy and it showed an old pic that was clear and then a present day pic of all the smog.Man that sucks.

  2. Mountainman

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    more riding of MB's may help ??
    still a nice 25 mile view out back here from up top the mountain
    may not be perfect ((no smog at all)) but it's still a good thing

    true -- being able to see a ways is a good thing !!
  3. machiasmort

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    It's those pollutionists out on the west coast eastwood. They are trying to run their MB's on marijuana oil!!!

    Just jokin MM!
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    You know that marijuana produces more ethanol per acre than corn.It also produces more usable material than cotton per acre,with less fertalizer and can be grown in almost all 50 states.Thats one of the major reasons its illegal.Big buisness keeps that taken care of.

    On another note.That info sign with the pics did blame the smog on california.