DIY Bicycle Light Info

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    some cool stuff there
    nice !!!
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    Yeah! Good stuff there. I bookmarked it after looking it over for quite awhile. Like the water proof bar mountable switches.

    I did post in this thread earlyer but someone deleted it. Hahahaha! :grin:
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    DIY Bicycle Lights

    Does anyone have experience with the batteryless lights from ? These look neat, but I don't know anything about them, other than the ad.
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    Re: DIY Bicycle Lights

    Those DO look awesome! I may have to pick up some myself (can't beat the $29 US price - that's WITH shipping) and give them a try. But I'll wait to see if anyone else has had any experience with them first...
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    Garrity Light Rig

    I bought a 9 LED Garrity flashlight at the store. It looked bikey.

    Using a short bungee cord I was able to easily attach it to the handlebar.

    I used it this evening not so much to see, but to be seen.

    Picture here: