DIY Bicycle Utility trailer

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    I built this using materials that were entirely second hand, recycled, or bartered for.
    the hardest part was fitting & fabricating the rear hitch/rack.
    I used a big 100+lb rock as an anvil to flatten the steel pipe for drilling/fitting.
    the hitch is a quick release system that is very stable yet allows for tip over safety.
    and ALL bicycle trailers can be tipped over!!!
    this hitch is far less likely to take the bike over with it.


    still being tested as of November 3rd 2014.
    I plan to haul rock, wood and water with it before hauling it on a tour of some kind.
    it will be used to haul the majority of the camping gear, tent, water, food, tools, bedding............
    and will be used while camping to gather fire wood.
    collect water.
    move rocks.


    The fat person wheel-chair I butchered for the wheels was found with a free sign on it while cycling;-)
    the barrel body of the trailer is Teflon lined and reinforced with a 26" rim bolted to the barrels cut open, upper rim.


    this trailers very nicely.
    can keep stuff dry, stable and is very easy to tip back over in case of **** happening.
    and I can both add more basket's, or swing a few bucket's off the trailer tounge.

    2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg

    the best part?
    wheel-chair wheels/tires are "FLAT PROOF"!!!!!!!
    and I plan to cover/wrap them with good garden hose split for the purpose...

    for those tech nuts, the bike in these pic's isn't motorized/and will not be.
    I HAVE the sprocket in the rear wheel to test ideas I have about power generation/regenerative braking and utility/camping power.
    8.jpg 9.jpg

    the tubes of the bike and the spare wheel in the pic's of the rim that's scrubbed/scrapped through are solid foam...
    Bell No-More flat, work great if your good at putting them together...I have methods for it...
    not the lightest or easiest pedaling bicycle.
    but I never have to 69 with it on the trail!!!
    besides the tools I plan to tour with;-)
    I will not carry an Air PUMP!

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    Wtf its a Willie bin stuck on the back of a bike, well done, grew idea, was glad to hear its not been motorized, safety first, well done again, I like ur upcycling ideas
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    That super-high COG is going to give you problems.If you decide to revamp, I'd seal it up lay it down and cut a horizontal door that closes with the airstream.Be careful!
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    Wear a helmet!