DIY brake cable/electrical ties.

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    I used 20 oz. copper cut 0.60" instead of 1/2".....width, thickness and metal is up to you.

    As per drawing, calculate the length:

    Tubing dia x 3.1415

    add 2 inches.

    Drill a hole 1/4" hole in one end, and cut the remaining 2" width-wise to fit inside the 1/4" hole. I chose to cut the "pigtails" at 7/32" wide. You don't have to be so precise, just as long as the pigtail fits through the drilled hole.

    Simply wrap the tie around the frame/cable, feed the "pigtail" through the hole, and bend in the opposite direction. You can use a mallet to hammer the pigtail over and use cutters to remove the excess metal. If it doesn't fit the first time, cut more of the pigtail out. If you really want to get hardcore, you can even solder the tie in place.

    I made these ties because I was unhappy with using tape, nylon "zip ties", or Velcro. Using this method leaves a very neat appearance to running brake or electrical accessory cables to your bike. I like using copper because it's a very easy to work with, easily replaceable, and polishes up very nice.

    cable 2.jpg


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    That should look much better and neater than a zip tie. Good Idea.
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    Gotta be different, or what else do ya got?