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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Large Filipino, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. I need a little meeting of the minds here. Look at the pics below for reference.
    I have just a coaster brake on my Trike and the other day my chain derailed and suddenly I had no brakes whatsoever.
    So up front is my Worksman fork designed for my drum brake wheel and no provision for a caliper or V brake whatsoever.
    So replace that fork? Sure except that Worksman fork stem is way too long. I couldn't find my ruler so I used a string but you can obviously see how much longer that worksman fork is.
    I also though that maybe I can simply cut the frame tube down to accept another fork but there's a reason for the long length and I don't want to compromise this frames integrity so unless I find a fork with a long stem this fork stays.
    And the drum brake wheel sure I can simply install that back on,lace up the sprocket and call it a day but that sprocket isn't 100% true,and it's coming off the hub.
    I'm about to get my 3 speed on there and although it's a coaster there's no way I can get it to work up front. I did look at that one mod someone did to a swing bike converting a coaster to a cable brake but I know these 3 speeds are complicated in there and I don't even want to deal with it so that's out.
    I also thought maybe I can have someone weld me some bolt stays for a V brake up front but these forks are rather thin as it is.
    Then I thought maybe a cable brake for the rear axle. At least if my chain ever derails again I still have that.
    There has to be a rather inexpensive fix for this. How do lawn tractors slow down besides engine braking? How about go carts? Is there a way I can install cable brakes on my rear wheels?
    (The rear wheels have no frame going around them)

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  2. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    how about a spoon brake on the front tire? not the most efficient, but for would beat dragging your feet!!

    as for sawing off your head tube to fit a shorter steertube..... if you trim the excess off the top ONLY, you won't change the geometry of the bike.
  3. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    you could also have another fork's steer tube extended to the proper length.
  4. I thought about extending a fork tube but I'm not getting anything when I'm searching. I'm thinking have another tube screw down on the replacement fork to extend it.
    I see how cutting down that steer tube would solve everything but I really want to avoid that.

    It just hit me like a brick right now. Salvage an old fork,cut the steer tube,weld it on top of fork I would use.

    I wonder if a muffler shop would weld that on for me.

    That suspension fork with that V brake would look pretty fly. I'm gonna have to see if that 3 speed isn't too wide for this.

    Then I'm probably gonna need to extend out for the engine carriage so it doesn't mount on the front axle.

    Still looking for a rear axle alternative but you helped me to think srdavo. THANKS!!!

    .... be nice if there's a screw on answer to the welding solution. I would hate to see a weld failure right there.

    ... maybe get an oversized tube that would still allow movement and maybe weld or braze that together...
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  5. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    now, would a suspension fork, mess with your engine chain tension??

    I bet your muffler shop guys could weld or braze bosses on you current fork, to mount V-brakes.

    extending a steer tube is "butter". I have tubing that fits snug inside 1" steer tube....alignment would be perfect.
    *mail it to me, with the dimensions you need....I'll extend it.... &
    mail it back.....just for you, bro.....freebie!!*
    A suspension fork as long as the carrier is mounted with the wheel will move with the wheel instead of the bike. I would have a problem with the torque arm though.
    Let me keep your offer on the table for now. I need to first make sure it's even feasible.
    Then this month being Christmas is a bit hard on me with even shipping I feel so pathetic!!

    The brazing sounds like a feasible plan too. But that won't happen if at all until maybe spring when I can still ride Cronus around.
  7. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Hi Large,
    Have you thought of a rear axle manual or hydraulic disk brakes. Like the ones on mini choppers
    or on 3 wheelers. With your rear axle set up can you incorporate a disk set up with any
    of the parts from the link below? Take a look at the parts.... give you any ideas?
    If your going to be hauling weight in your cart you need some stopping power in both rear
    wheels. Just my opinion. Take a good underneath photo of your rear sprocket/axle area.
    They also make manual or hydraulic disk brakes for the sprocket. With sprocket brakes
    you have to use minumum chain lube though.

    A few good photos from underneath may give me/others ideas that may help.

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  8. I can actually do just that with an inexpensive bicycle disc brake kit modified with some holes and use this part from Grainger (see pic).
    Because of the cargo bed space is rather limited though and I really don't see a good provision for the brake caliper.

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  9. Woah. Now THIS looks rather feasible. Wonder how it would all go together.

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  10. hill climber

    hill climber Member

    am i right that it is front wheel drive with a chain and jack shaft? why not put the brake on the jack shaft? i could see a disk or band style brake on there. just a thought.
  11. It won't work for the bike free wheels.
    I googled and found those band brakes common to Schwinn Meridian trikes.

    For now it's an L bracket and side pulls if I can finagle it.

    Then I think I'm gonna go for that band brake set up.

    This video has it close up.
  12. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Getting back to that front fork...

    Large, the Worksman's steering tube is longer, so why not try to find a fork from a woman's cruiser? The head tubes (and consequently the steering tubes) on those are longer than on a man's bike. It might be a match. This might allow for a front caliper to be installed.
  13. Ah but I have 20 inch wheels!
    srdavo has it pretty much nailed. It wouldn't be too hard to weld an extension to another fork with a smaller tube wedged in between.
    The suspension fork is unforgiving I found out today. It doesn't want to expand to fit the wider 3 speed hub (compared to a regular front wheel),
    The fork on there now since it's thin walled will stretch and won't complain.
    I think for now I can L bracket a side pull on there.
    If I can find an old school thin fork made for a 20 inch wheel that don't mind being widened and has a provision for a brake then I'll extend that steering tube.