DIY Carving Duplicator

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    So many great times here, well boys, here it goes, I went public! See it before it's viral!!!! :) Hey Tom, it was yours truly who came up w/ this... I can't believe some of the things I've seen go on inside this website! Some great minds here! Giving one back to my Brothers!

    Somebody will find this fascinating I'm sure ;) If you build one, imagine the work toil and money this guy just saved you. Please donate. This will blow your mind at its simplicity, accuracy and ability to be repaired w/o waiting for "special" parts!

    300 Million Americans and 10% are out of work (that's if you believe our Governments numbers 30 MILLION)! Good old American ingenuity will take this Country back! If you're interested in helping me Patent this thing now that I've gone public, contact me! For now, every individual American has the ability to build one for himself. A hand driven CNC with .015 or LESS accuracy!
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    Reminds me of the two axis freedom of movement duplicating air turbine driven stone and metal engraving tool I had in the 80's. That used a dental handpiece and diamond burrs to duplicate two dimensional shapes in stone, coral, light metals, and hardwoods. I used it to make custom inlay pieces for various projects. I'd hand shape the original and then duplicate it on the machine multiple times. Back then my hobby was carving and making jewelry boxes and small decorative turned canisters with inlaid designs.

    One very nice feature of those sorts of machines is that once the original shape is made, it can be easily cast in high density plaster to make a negative frame of it which the stylus then follows to make an exact fitting socket to inlay the cut pattern piece. With an adjustable pantograph variation it can also be used to make a copy of the outlined shape with a variable ratio of the original dimensions. That takes finicky adjustments.

    I watched the video and I visited the blog - no actual detail there as to plans yet.
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    So glad you seen it! I sort of felt like a heel when I told you about it some time back but refused pictures.

    More info will be coming soon. You could sub to my U-tube or blogspot page:

    I'll try to keep you guys updated. I hope Kerf/ Fast Eddy and Eastwood see this going on. I posted at the other one, but there's a mod that don't like me and it was removed. I'm running into this on a few other sites on firearms because they don't realize the machining capability of what I posted!

    I'd love to see the idea of your old machine if you could find a picture of anything remotely close.

    Sculpy clay is an excellent prototype transfer instead of plaster (your showing your age) :) LOL! Just razzing! I'm very glad you seen the post. You were one of the guys I thought of when I put it up!

    As far as plans go? It's a simple concept. The threaded rod pinches the saddle holding the cutting tool assembly in place. It may look flimsy, but is crazy accurate!

    It all depends on what you intend to do with the machine once it’s built. Dimensions would differ as per the work requirement. Say if you were milling sprockets compared to making guitars. The size of the duplicator footprint must be a little greater than half the size of what you are making.

    If a mod sees this post, ask Tom and I’d be happy to include a link back here to MBC on my page.
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    Simon, hope all is well, I put up another movie or two and have one in greater detail that I'm editing this weekend and posting. Shows the machine carving in greater detail. Closer up on the workpiece.
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    I like the tool. Do you ever have issues with debris getting under the wheels on the moving table? If so, you may want to incorporate a cover for the wheels, along with a brush on the leading/trailing edge of the cover to sweep away any sawdust/chips.
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    Lou, Great idea, I've thought about that! I've been spraying w/ silicone!
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    How the heck did Simon get Senior under his name? Like his age deserves respect? LOL!
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    You'd have to ask Tom. He put that there back when he created the senior members subforum (now defunct). He made several of us "Senior Members". It wasn't about age, Marty, I'm not much older than you.
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    Simon, Don't know why I didn't get update notification??? Was just busting chops, nothing personal :grin5:

    I need to spend some more time here... Not feeling very well, got some bad news on my health, but what the hay, it's only life... Your body is only a costume that you wear for a little while in my humble opinion.