DIY High Power LED Headlamp 578 lumens

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by unior, Aug 3, 2010.

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    The recipe:

    small electrical project enclosure - radio shack: $5-10
    10 pack 380,000 mcd leds 15 degree angle - ebay $10 + ship
    small circuit board - radio shack $5
    3 10ohm resistors wired in parallel per led - radio shack: $cheap
    1 3.6 volt 3 cell nickel metal hydride sub c pack - ebay or google rc packs$30
    1 3.6 volt nickel metal hydride charger (charger voltage output is higher)

    Heres a quick and dirty diagram. The squiggly lines are the 3 resistors wired together in parallel. Or substitute 1 33 ohm resistor.

    Heres a pic. It's kinda ugly but very bright. It lights up the side of my neighbors house across the street at night. Total amperage draw is ~1 amp. So I get about 3 hours burn time off of 3300mah cells.

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  2. unior

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    wiring diagram

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    A small correction. I think you meant 1 x 3.3ohm resistor, not 33 ohm. (3 x 10 ohm resistors in parallel is 3.3 ohms)

    What wattage resistors?
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    3.3 ohms I mistyped that. The leds forward voltage is 3.0-3.6 volts so not much resistance is required.

    Good catch some people might have been running around with some dim lights!