DIY leather clutch lever and brake lever covers


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Nov 14, 2018
So Cal
Howzit Everyone,
Leather clutch hand lever and brake hand lever covers can be bought, but will they actually fit correctly on you Motorbike hand levers?
I had some leather and thought I would make my own for my Harley.
Thought I would show ya all how easy it can be to make a set for your Motorbike

I cut the upper leather portion off an old pair of black M/C boots I was getting ready to throw away.
I figured the hand lever cover size, I cut em out and punched holes for leather lace.
The leather pieces for my Harley hand levers are 2 5/8" big end 1 5/8" small end and 4 1/2" long
Hand lever size for a Motorbike is probably different
They turned out really good and fit really tight, I made sure of that
I was gonna use leather lace but I only had tan and it didn't match
I used 30 lb braided fishing line
Looks good to me, If I ever get some black leather lace I might use that
Ya can't even notice my bad sewing or the moss green braided line from 2 ft away. :ROFLMAO: It takes a close up to see that.
It's good enough for the girls I go out with :ROFLMAO:

I wrap my hand levers with leather because when it gets cold outside those aluminum levers are freezing and it don't take long for the cold to go right thru my gloves and make my fingers tips numb, Wrapping them with leather keeps the cold out
If I leave my bike out in the sun on a hot day those aluminum hand levers can get really hot Wrapping them with leather keeps em cool

My Whizzer has got em too, but I bought these 16" tassels
They laced up a little loose So I put an extra wrap of leather lace around them to make em tight
I'm trying to see the stich pattern. Looks good, but it's hard to see. Nice custom touch on both bikes :D
Stitch pattern is suppose to be like shoe laces But since the 30 lb braided line is so thin I had to go back and forth and up and down doubling it up to make it tight which kinda got away from the traditional shoe lace pattern. After tightening it up now ya can hardly see it.

Yeah I might use black maybe PINK leather lace :LOL: but actually I'm kinda liking the hard to see stitch

BTW I put those long leather lace hand levers covers on my Whizzer 16 years ago and their still looking good.
While their functionally perfect, I put em on for the look

I would of put long lace on my Harley but I don't want the leather lace slapping at my elbows :ROFLMAO:

My Whizzers cruises at 45 mph so the wind isn't strong enough yet to make the long leather lace slap at my elbwos.
If It did I wouldn't have em on my bike