DIY scrubber

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9:52 AM
Jan 25, 2008
Hey guys,
I got some suggestions on scrubber material from some of you,
and really like the BMX peg idea.
I just got some on Ebay, but it will be a week til they get here.
So today I figured out a DIY method to get my former .850 spindle
up to 1.25 in.

I first reduced the original down to about .83ish,
using the engine to turn the spindle as a sort of lathe, grinding the spindle a bit with my grinder and a file.
Then I took some 1 inch pipe, and it fit perfectly over the original.
(had to cut a notch to fit the weld on the ID of the pipe.)

Then I also had some thick 1.25 pipe, (from the steering pole for an old scooter)
The 1.25 fit over the 1 inch pipe as well.
Then I just tack welded them all together.

At the end, I just took my dremel to it,
and cut grooves, and notches into the scrubber.
Smooth would probably work ok as well, but it will smooth out eventually.

I'll be testing soon, but this way, when it wears down I can just take a new "sleeve", and grind off the tack welds, and install another.
Hip hop hooray!
Per your suggestion in another thread, I took a dremmel to my old 1.5" drive roler. Then I stuck it on my trike. It works well. Thanks.
That's awesome. It's like a "inverted tread" on bike tires. You still grip,
but it grips on the inside of the grooves rather than the outside.

I've been using mine and it works great. No slipping at all.

If you want, I just got some of those BMX pegs I spoke of,
but I'm not going to use them. I like my pipe custome scrubber better.
If you shave your drive roller down evenly, you could just slip this knurled
pipe over the original, and then tack weld it on.

Let me know.