DIY Super Gaskets?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Lucknuts, May 23, 2013.

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    I could have sworn I read about this trick here. But, searching the forum now I can't find it. Somebody was saying how if you simply coated the cheap paper gaskets with RTV turns them into some kind of super gaskets.


    And, since I had both of these RTVs laying around (for our Jeep) I used the high temp RTV for the hot parts.

    I tried putting some of the silicone in some solvent to try to make a thinner mixture to more evenly coat the metal gasket. But, it didn't work like thinning some paint and I tossed the foul mixture.

    I'm thinking maybe I'll just wait and use the high temp RTV as usual, like when I install it, and just let it dry well before trying to start the engine.

    This is just an experiment based on something I thought I read online here somewhere so if this is really nuts, please somebody let me know before I go to install these suckers in a week or so.


    ((***Yes, I did see the info about the Kopr Kote stuff. It sounds like good stuff. But, like many things that are apparently available to most of the country, I haven't seen it around here yet and I've been looking. Santa Fe is strange in that way. You can't just go get certain things like you can in a regular city. Thankfully there's the net now. But, unless I find myself really needing it, I don't think I'll order any of that stuff until I do my next big Amazon shop.))
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  2. jaguar

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    Is it gasoline resistent?
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    in the 70s I started using silicon seal to moisten paper & cardboard gaskets to get them to swell a bit before using them - always used them while silicon was still wet tho - before silicon, I used light grease

    head gaskets work well when painted with METAL BASED copper or aluminum paint and put on with paint still wet - metal in the paint will transfer heat well out of the head - wet paint will fill in small knicks & scratches on mating surfaces
  4. Lucknuts

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    They've all worked great so far, especially the ultra black ones. The copper rtv seems more flaky after drying. I think I'm going to take the head apart again and just glue it together with the copper rtv, along with the muffler gasket.
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    Update. Nobody was clear on which is the actual head gasket. But, the metal one leaked with the RTV on it. Cleaned and reinstalled works great. The lower gasket and all the other ones still work fantastic as is. happily surprised.