DIY Wal Philips fuel injector

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    As a teen in the 60's I built my own Wal Philips fuel injector for an Allstate 50cc moped. I did not have a chance to test it completely before the Viet Nam war got hold of me, but it did have gobs of low end torque. When I returned from Nam, my bike and two spare engines were gone. :icon_cry:

    It was a two barrel design fabricated from hobby brass, and all-thread rod with the small parts machined using a Unimat 3" hobby lathe. Sounds like a real challenge, but was not all that hard.

    For those who have not heard of the Wal Philips injector, see the two links below:

    I took the liberty of massaging the photos on the victory site that were almost impossible to see and uploaded them in a zipped file here:

    Today, we have a host of materials that were not available then, such as J-B Weld that would make a prototype for an HT a lot easier. The advantages for us would be the lack of a float, and almost infinite adjust ability.

    I am not certain I want to build another one, but at least will make a few drawings and calculations that I can post here if anyone is interested.
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    Excellent post and ideas FD. Quite involved. It's awesome you made it back to our soil and sucks somebody else obviously wasn't counting on you too! Wish I had time to persue it!
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    on the chance you were never acknowledged with respect.

    Welcome Home Sir