do it the easy way when you test for spark

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Nate888, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Nate888

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    1476771731207-1848734055.jpg frees up an extra hand vs. how they do it on the instruction video
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  2. butre

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    I just grab the boot and see if it hurts. way easier than trying to look for a 30 thou light in the daylight
  3. Nate888

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    makes sense. do you have the plug out or just test it on place w/ your method? agreed that visual test for spark in broad daylight = frustrating BS
  4. butre

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    just start pedaling, dump the clutch, and if it doesn't run reach down and pull the boot off. if it's sparking then it'll spark you, and you know to look elsewhere to figure out why it's not firing.
  5. Nate888

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    sounds like it could be a useful check when you're on the go and not getting power. I like taking the plug out though when I have time, so I can see if it's too oil fouled & if the gap looks good
  6. Neptunati

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    What in the sam hell did you do to your gt80? How fast you get it up to? Looks like it's covered in cement?
  7. Steve Best

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    I find that while pedaling it so hard to tell from 5,000v hurt to the 25,000v hurt that I really need.
    With lots of practice it is possible however...

    There are neon "flashcaps" that you can put on the sparkplug. Mine don't look like this but they work the same way:
    Great tool. Mine go over the plug so won't fit in tight quarters. Leave the plug in and run it. Bright enough to see in daylight and will vary with voltage. Bought mine at a local auto parts store.
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