Do Motoredbikes belong on bike paths?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by recumbentbill, Jun 2, 2008.

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Should Motoredbicyclists ride on Bile Paths

  1. yes they should be allowed on the paths

  2. No they should not be allowed on the paths

  1. Do Motoredbikes belong on bike paths? My answer is NO and bike paths and rails to trails posted signs agree with a stiff fine to people that ride a motorized vehicle on the paths. I like to ride my motored bicycle and i like to ride my regular human powered bikes too. I do not like to encounter motorized gopeds, bicycles, go karts, scooters etc etc while riding my human powered bike on a bike path. Its bad enough having the Lance Armstrong wanna be's blasting past at 22 mph with no regard for walkers, runners and bike commuters like my self. And its even worse to have a motored bicycle zoom past faster than the Lance bikers. Motoered bicycles belong on the street not bike paths. I will now put on my bullet proof vest and my flame proof shirt and pants plus my helmet:p

  2. Snax

    Snax Member

    I agree with you, particularly with gas powered machines. No way, don't want them on the dedicated paths. Electrics under 20 mph however should be permitted, as it still fosters the bicycle commuting lifestyle without forcing people to sacrifice themselves to the same degree of effort.

    Unfortunately even electrics aren't legal on the paths here at any speed, which is pretty unfortunate considering the length of the paths cutting right through middle of the highest traffic areas. Even so, at modest speeds if one is pedalling along, how would anybody know the difference? ;)
  3. turbo/chaos

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    well if we have no choice its best that we are on the paths tell me this how much of the time is any one on a human power bike even on the path and how much more are you people on a motorized bike then you are on a human power bike

    but if a speed is at 30 or 35 then yes stay off the path but when the speed is faster for the sake of every one stay on the path cars just dont care who you are when you are on the road
  4. Snax

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    Well this is in regard to the paths apart from the roads through parks and greenways etc. I don't think there should be a limitation beyond speed on the street side paths.

    I simply don't want a bunch of noisy gas burners blazing around while trying to take a relaxing family ride along the river paths.
  5. Alaskavan

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    I would say no gas powered bikes on bike paths made with recreation in mind. I'm not so sure about it if the path is more of a commuter route. I would allow electric for disabled people on all paths. Bottom line: ALL roads should have bike lanes, and that's where MotoredBikes belong.
  6. I ride no faster than 15 mph on the trails. No way can I do that sharing with cars.
    MotoredBikes are NOT mopeds. They are BICYCLES with HELPER ENGINES!!
    When you run consistent 30 mph on your motoredbike,then you got yourself a moped,son.
    I will NOT get killed sharing the road with soccer moms and drunks when I can stay out of their way. Cops haven't bothered me thus far anyway.
    I won't ride my bike with engine when I'm actually in a park. That's a whole different story. But a bike path with a destination? You bet.
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  7. fredie

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    its a fine here in sydney too ride any bike on footpath .unless age is under 16.
  8. Scottm

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    It' so tempting since most of the trails and paths seem empty, but they do provide a safe and traffic free environment for dog walkers and families on a stroll with a small kid learning to balance and swerving all over the path on his little bike.
    I agree with Van, dedicated bike lanes on the streets with highly visible signs and markings to let the cagers know we have a right to be there.
    Plus it's fun chatting with cagers at stop lights.
  9. turkeyssr

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    In my opinion, it depends on where you're talking about. Living in Monterey, California, the bike path is packed on weekends and evenings. It also ramps up in the summer time. However, it's pretty much dead away from Monterey, and it's in these parts that it would be more appropriate. They are specifically banned, but I do see electric riders, which annoys me.

  10. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    wow the poll is tied 8 to 8
  11. Jax Rhapsody

    Jax Rhapsody Member

    Personally and this is from experience with my city, anything non-motorized needs to stay on the sidwalk.
  12. Let's look at why there are even bike paths out there.
    Bike paths were built because cars were killing people on bicycles. A bike path is a place for bicyclists that can ride safely without getting killed.
    Your on a motored bike. You need to go 26 miles away from home.
    You can go on the bike path and have an incident and traffic free ride.
    Or you can *&^% off motorists because your riding in the middle of a 45 mph speed limit street going 15 mph.
    This is why cops wave at me.
    Roadies will harass me but I don't care.
    All the Lance Armstrongs out there good for them.
    They don't need an engine.
    And yet they feel that fat people don't belong.
    As far as I'm concerned,my engine turns me almost into a Lance Armstrong riding a $2,000 bike. Almost because those guys pass me and it's okay.
    My engine EQUALIZES the fit beautiful people out there.
    So I'll follow BICYCLE laws thank you and take advantage of what my tax dollars have given ALL of us.
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  13. motored bike laws

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  14. ozzyu812

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    If the Dems get there way. $10 gas tax over 10 yrs:shock:. There won't be any cars. We will own the streets! And then the world! :evil:
  15. augidog

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    i pedaled a (non-motored) full-dresser diamondback "outlook" on Mo. state park trails for years, including organizing church-rides on the KATY trail...there is a difference...sabrina-2 is a motor-vehicle...but i'd gladly unwrap the belt and pedal for a few hours of missouri river i sed, there's a difference. how about we get back to carving out our own niche?
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  16. Accender

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    Bike paths are for familys an dogs. Mbs should stick to the road.
    Just my opinion.

  17. Accender

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    Thats funny stuff!

  18. will_start

    will_start Member

    i ride any direction that my survival instincts lead me to go.
    the road is a jungle where I ride, and I feel like a lost sea turtle
    swimming away from violence to survive.

    the footpath is my nautilus in a churning sea of sharks.
    and it has cute mermaids too. :cool:
  19. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    I think electrics should definitely be allowed but with gassers I think most people would drive too fast and at too high RPM being an annoyance to walkers by being loud and possibly dangerous. And yes, there should be bike lanes everywhere. The biggest roads have them here but most of the other windy hilly roads in NH do not. Makes for some scary riding at times, get a good lighting system :)
  20. katy trail

    Talk about a beautiful bike path:grin: Wish there were more states that had a trail like the katy that went across the state with no breaks or gaps in the trail/path.