Do not buy those 26" mag rims off fleaBay (for hard mounting the sprocket)



1st off, the seller can't pack. And from what i now understand, the seller has been banned from this forum (i'll mention his name later if the moderators permit me). Everything I ordered from him came knicked/scratched and he had the nerve to send a replacement gas tank that also had rust in it. But back to those rims...


(1) There's no way they'll work w/ the 4-stroke motor & multiple gears (the pedal-powered side obviously) w/o some heavy-duty fabrication. Should work w/ a single gear...but I wouldn't even bother. If you want to use multiple gears you'll either need to make a new motor mounting plate to place the motor over an inch, and somehow cut the keyway on the gearbox shaft to move the motor sprocket over as well. And even then it might not work b/c it looks to me like there isn't enough clearance for the chain.'ll probably have to lop an inch off the wheel hub itself...if that's even possible...I'm sure a proper tool & dye man could do it right...mega $$$$$. Third option is to cut the rear sprocket around the mounting holes and somehow weld an inch spacer to mount the gear inwards on the hub. Again, a tool & dye man could probably do it.


(2) Wrong type bearings used. These things will wind up killing someone, I wouldn't even use them on a bike that i pedal faster than 5mph. He's using regular roller-type bearings when thrust are needed. There's nothing supporting the backside of the bearings, so it's impossible to even tighten them down w/o ruining them (can only finger-tighten, then lock down). No way they'll support any spirited riding in the twisties, you'll trash the bearing instantly.


(3) The wheels (along w/ the motor kit he sent) weren't packed proper. The axle was bent and the bearings thrashed, along w/ several chunks of paint knicked off. Didn't bug me so much since I'm gonna abuse this ride and I've got several spare axles. But that's when i noticed the tell-tale rubber streak around the rims...these things were USED! Again, ticked me off but I want to ride before the weather turns here.

So I ran to the bearing store but they don't make thrust bearings this size. I bought the same useless bearings like he provided and convinced myself they'd be fine as long as I keep the bike upright and never hit any turns hard (yeah, like THAT would be possible...but hey, i spent $150 on these things...i see he's now asking $170). But when I slapped it all together, I finally got the wheel on the bike and noticed that nothing lined up.


I decided to use the rims on an old rusty Schwinn cruiser i found in a dumpster, will make a nice rat bike. That's about all they're good for, as long as i stick to walking speeds. I forgot to mention that the bike i'm using is an old Ross MTB. Nothing fancy, just a run run-of-the-mill standard type frame.
That's the gent.

Pics once she's slapped together. Might take awhile, gotta borrow a camera plus there are other things to iron out like a non-square gearbox sprocket.

I'm *this close* to tossing the project aside and going back to what i wanted to do in the first place, mount a yamaha/honda 50cc dirt bike motor to a full-suspension bike. Although i keep eyeing these old 1970's mopeds and swear that's the proper way to go about things. I've got one, but my brother/old man won't let me butcher it.