Do they all require a signature when delivered?

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    I was so excited, I ordered my first gas engien kit for my bike. After getting screwed buying an electric kit and it not even fitting on the bike. I researched, watched videos and gave my money up for the Titan XC 50 from I thought I asked Duane everything I needed to know, in order to get this bike going! Then I find out that a direct signature is required when Fedex delivers it. So it came to my bro's house, where I had it delivered, since he has tools. And he isn't ever there do to working out of town and I work my butt off six days a week and basically cannot be there to sign for an engine. My question is, has anyone else had this happen to them and how did they deal with it? Also if anyone might know of a company that does not require a direct signature, that would be awesome. I just feel screwed, I can't get to Fedex to pick it up, since the bus doesn't run by my house, so the engine is going back to Duane, I think. Anyhow, I so need an engine in a bad way, my bike is my only transpo option available. Perhaps the sender can tell Fedex that a signature is not required? I am not sure and kind of ignorant when it comes to dealing with all this shipping nonsense. I have had tons of stuff, big stuff delivered, that didn't need a signature, so I am a bit puzzled. Not to mention it's the weekend, oh lawd.:annoyed:

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    Your brother should be able to sign some papework with FedEx to let them drop packages without a signature. However, if someone steals the package off the porch, you are SOL because you authorized them to drop it without physically giving it to someone and getting their signature.

    Duane should be able to call FedEx to have them hold the package while your bro does the paperwork.
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    Thanks but my brother isn't ever home.

    He works out of town, so is never home. Just has a garage full of tools I need to use and I have the key. I sure hope Duane can call them and set something up. I understand the SOL issue. But I have had other large items, like a laptop, electric motor and sla batteries sent there with no problems. It is a pretty nice neighborhood, with Johnny Rambo and older folk walking the streets.
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    I have had several boxes of engine kits left at my garage door. The UPS and FedEx guys know me because they are always dropping off stuff. Truck freight companies always require a signature. (for when I order kits by the pallet)

    I don't know if Duane can do anything onhis end, just give him a call. He may know what FedEx will do for him. The last thing anyone wants is a package to get sent back, but everyone has to cover their own behinds if you know what I mean.....
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    internet purchasing & package tracking are skills that take time to learn, mostly the hard way, unfortunately. i now watch/track everything i buy very closely all the way to delivery.

    online fedex tracking will note "direct sig" if required...and they might have a signature card you can make use of in your situation.

    also, i've left notes on my door, with the tracking number & my signature just in case...this has worked for both UPS and Fedex.
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    Thanks you all

    Well, I'm cooled off now, lol. It was such a let down, I went to bed picturing myself cruizing the beast around this weekend. Oh well, I tried calling Dax and of course, it's the weekend, so no answer. Sent a couple email messages awhile ago and will have to wait for the replies. I will definitely have to try what you say and put a note on the door with the tracking number and my signature. Shoot, it is the only possible way really. I can ride my bike over there tomorrow and post it, so when they try and redeliver it Monday, hopefully they will take it and leave the beast there. Appreciate all the input and dang, I hate the wind!
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    Well, looks like I lose out here. Just recieved an email from Duane and he basicaly says to call Fedex, which I did and they said I could pick it up at the location. But it is over 25 miles from my house and not possible to get. So now I sit and wait a couple weeks to have my money returned, all because I DIDN'T ASK IF A DIRECT SIGNATURE IS NEEDED WHEN THE ENGINE IS DELIVERED. Man, if you haven''t ordered an engine kit yet online before, make sure to ask about this, so you can make sure you sit around for a couple days, waiting for the package to get dropped off. Shoot, ask your boss for a couple days off, I am sure he will be more then happy to grant you them, when the reason is given. Online shopping is the worst thing next to women in cars on cell phones. Here is the email Duane sent me, I understand his buisness view, but will highly suggest he post on his site that you need to be home to sign for the delivery.

    hi Tom. Tom. A signature is required. There is no way my company will allow 400 bucks worth of equipment to sit on someones door step. It can not and will not happen. If you call fedex, they will work with you and help you out. If not, the kit will be returned to me. Thanks.
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    Had the same problem with Thatsdax and the direct signature FedEX guy comes at the same time as my therapy appointment. I managed to be at home for the delivery. You can call FedEx and make arrangements to get the package.