do we have any car lovers in here

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  1. bmxcrazy

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    i need a fabricator. exhaust and intake on my car need to have a few custom pieces made to fit the turbo into my car. shops around here want me to bring in the car so they can do the work with it being at there shop. i for one dont have the cash to pay storage and shop fees. all i need are the parts made. i have templates for what i need, but no one will help. i figured someone on here might.

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    I believe Softride up in the Seattle area is a hot rodder.
  3. softride

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    Yup hotrodder and racer
    72Nova ss 383 blown sbc
    66 chevy corvair monza
    65 mustang 52,000 original miles
    I might be able to help but not really worked on turbo stuff mines a roots blower but if you can send a drawing
  4. softride I was about to slam you for owning two chevys, till I noticed the ford, I m just a loon I love OLD mopars. abodys in particular. Its sad that i dont drive any more. But i still love em
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    Yes.. car guy here.. Mostly vintage imports though.

    '72 Datsun 510 with 39k miles on it
    '62 Mercedes UNIMOG 404.114 Belgian Radio Communications Truck, restored
    '58 Willys CJ5 - needs restoration (next years project)
    and I'm also a fan of rock crawling/offroading... have a '95 Nissan Pathfinder that I've built into a pretty serious rock crawler. Engine is stock, but swapped to granny gear manual tranny, 4:1 t-case gears, 5.14:1 axle gears w/ ARB air lockers front and rear. Grafted in the front suspension from a '71 Ford baby broncow/ Chevy outers (for 6 lug = stronger) w/ wristed radius arm, HD axle shafts. rear is a custom fab'd 33" long arm suspension. Does a 950 RTI on a 30 degree ramp, yet is fully highway driveable with cruise control, ice cold A/C and rides like a cadillac.
  6. <3 the Datsun 510. Coupe?

    @ bmxcrazy what sort of parts do you need? Flat parts? I'm a CNC Laser Op and run my own shift, I could probably make some flat parts. But all my shop has is Lasers, no mills or brakes. 2D only.

    I'm a gearhead. My first love was automobiles, since I was little. Used to read every technical automotive book I could get my hands on. I was an auto mechanic for several years, had 2 ASE certs. To this day my favorite movie is My Cousin Vinny because I was fascinated by the '63 Tempest's unique drivetrain as a kid!
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    I hope that 510 is a coupe. I had one of those in the 70's, and other than its habit of eating an alternator every 90 days I loved it. I drove it up to Timberline Lodge on the side of Mt Hood one day, pretty early - no problems. Came out in late afternoon to go down the mountain with my g'friend and another couple, plus my buddy driving my '69 mustang convertible, it would barely start. It was beginning to snow, so I flicked on the lights - it promptly died. So, I horsed it down the mountain to Government Camp without power or lights, then we spent an hr getting a quick charge on the battery from the mustang.. I followed that mustang home down off the mtn through snow that turned to rain without lights or windshield wipers, home to Oregon City - about 45 miles. Fun times.

    It was a great little car other than that, till a dumptruck made a left turn in front of me and stopped. I spent 45 minutes pinned in wreck by his frame member and my dash squashing my legs, till the fire dept could extricate me. The first ten minutes was in dashboard deep diesel fuel, till it drained off - I hit his right main tank square on. The car was toast, but I bought it back from the insurance company, pulled the rear end out, turned it over so the u-joint on the differential pointed backward, built a half frame and plate to set a 26 hp 2 cylinder B&S engine on, and a single front wheel steering mechanism. Made a very nice trike.
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    I have always been interested in old japanese sports cars, datz510, that datsun must be awesome to drive around, and with only 39k miles on it? That's practically new!

    But my favorites have always been the Mazda rx-7 (I love rotarys, hearing it rev to 8,000 rpms is what dreams are made of).
    And the datsun 240z.

    But, I'm not only import-loving, hearing a chevy big-block v-8 makes me giggle with glee.
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    I am a car guy, but don't have any right now because I am poor.
  10. yeap i especially like the one with two wheels :) :)
  11. uncle_punk13

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    Somewhere in here are pic.s of my '64 Dart 170 2-dr. You might dig it...