Tires Do you armor-all yor tires?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by a/c man, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. a/c man

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    I got sick of seeing the "filling your tires with foam "thread up for so long..
    I figured I could break the monotony..
    If you guys put tire dressing on your tires what do you use?
    I like armorall on my bike tires, but use black magic which smells bad but lasts longer on my car.
    Warning: Don't get any on your rims or your brakes do not work if you have any type of rim brakes!
    I found out the hard way at my first stop sign.
    Also don't spray the tread, or your seat, or hand grips , or peddles.
    I did that on my motorcycle once and I'm lucky to still be here to admit my stupidity..
    Be caREFUL AND hAve fUn..

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  2. GearNut

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    For tire sidewalls I use ATF.
  3. motorpsycho

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  4. GearNut

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    Yikes? It works very, very well and helps preserve the rubber/ combat dry rot.
  5. a/c man

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    I went for a ride to see my mom 2 weeks ago and one of her neighbors stopped
    by while walking her dog. I looked down and saw her dog peeing all over my bike wheel.......:worthless:
    :worthless:I think the front one
    What do you say? ... Not cute or funny to me...
    By the way dog wee wee doesn't make a good tire shine in case you were wondering.
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  6. GearNut

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    It does lead to corrosion though.
  7. Knuckle_Duster

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  8. GearNut

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    There's gel for styling your hair, now there's gel for styling your tires!?!
  9. Fulltimer

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    As long as you are using your bike you don't need to worry about dry rot. If they are the same as car tires that is. There is a compound in car tires that works (slowly) to the outside of the tires when driving that prevents dry rot. Think about it, have you every had dry rot on a DD car? When I was living full time in the motorhome that is what Michelin Tires told me.

  10. Knuckle_Duster

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    Oh yeah. Remember the old Herbal Essence commercials? The ones with the very enthusiastic ladies washing their hair? "Yes, yes, YES!" Well, you'd love the wet look that tire gel gives ya :grin5:
  11. poo poo pipe

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    Wesleys tire bleach, clean flat look not oily and cleans white walls (including dog sprinkles)
  12. a/c man

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    If you have white wall tires you've gotta try armorall wheel and tire cleaner
    I had white walls on the car and tried everything but nothing even came close.
    Also cleans those brake dust covered aluminum front wheels on your car or truck.
    I swear it's almost magic....... almost
  13. Luka

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    Just do not put armorall on anything vinyl, that will sit in the sun.

    It will eat up a vinyl roof on a car.

    Tire shops where I am, will cuss you out, for putting armorall on their tires, for the same reason.
  14. RedBaronX

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    OR... we could harken way back to the mid 70's and say--

    "Gee, your tires smell terrific!"

  15. happycheapskate

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    I don't use anything on my tires but soapy water (generic dish liquid soap 99cts.) and a scrub brush. Cheap pot scrubbing pads work good on the rims brake surface too. Get all that rubber out and they are like new.