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    well when i put this 4 stroke together i was amazed at the amount of gas that was in this gas line was always about 1/4 inch. and i never seen any gas go into the fuel filter, and some times there would be none after the the filter my motor was running bad boging at take off .. i thought for sure it was a carb issue at first so i took that off cleaned and took a drumel to the air/fuel set screw was only seting for 1and 5 o'clock put all back together and same thing then ..i thought about the valves setting i didnt think i had enough hours on the motor for that less then 100 hrs then i had a look at the gas issue in my fuel lines and why i had my tank drained i would redo my tanks paint the petcock screen had some debris not enough to slow the gas down i had a stream of gas ...iam thinking these motors need gas well i drilled the petcock out to try to make the opening bigger only thing that did was make it leak at that nut so i went to ace and got a fuel bur 1/8 x1/4 i think that was the size big difference i have FUEL in my lines and a great running motor

  2. Pics or it didn't happen lol!
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  4. That's pretty cool. So simple.
    Then with the 4 strokes,you really don't need the shut off valve anyway.
    So it just screwed right on?
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    Actually, You might find out you do need that petcock, I still have the petcock on mine but because the inside of the tank rusted (water in bad gas) it clogged the little screen filter in the petcock, so I removed it. but that caused a problem, whenever the petcock is open there is a steady dripping out of the fuel overflow. Enough to cause a 12" puddle under the bike after sitting for a few hours with the petcock open. It also would flood out the carb when trying to start. I must have lost a pint of gas from this alone. My bad but I thought it didn't need to screen, which apparently restricts flow just slightly enough to keep it from flooding the carb.
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    um no its fine and as you can see very dry there is a fuel shut off on my motor if i need to ever use it ... sounds like you float bowl is stuck..or its leaking at the carb burb i put a small clamp there .... i am also runing a real fuel filter after the tank i think thos setups are more for the 2 strokes then the 4 and i want all the gas i can get to the carb wow its so much better i didnt shut off the the gas its fine all night starts 1/2 pull iam very pleased with the results

    ps gravity feed with no gravity
    if you think about the call on gas its 1/4 at the carb the outlet at the tank is much smaller the outlet needs to be 1/4 at the tank also ,,, so thats why i changed it after all i freaked out when i didnt see gas in that line with the old setup now i have full line and
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    yes screwed right on it was fine i used tefleon tape and its pipe thread iam going to hide that line now make with that corrugated tubing to go over it i think