Do you know what really happened on 9/11?

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    I had seen MM mention something about the terrorists on 9/11, like he knew for a FACT who they were from the passport that fell out of the airplane.

    Can you believe that the government even stated that everything near the impact disintegrated, EXCEPT for the terrorist's passport, which fell to the ground, was found, and eventually handed over to the authorities!?!

    Can you believe that WTC 7 fell without a demolition team?

    Can you believe the other two WTC buildings fell without a demolition team?

    Can you believe that Larry Silverstein, the leaser of the WTC buildings, just coincidentally had a dermatologist appointment the morning of 9/11... and his children who were supposed to be there were running late that morning? Can you believe that there was a meeting planned for 9/11 at the WTC that discussed terrorist attacks, but it was canceled the day before by one member who couldn't attend? Can you believe that Silverstein increased the insurance policy of the WTC buildings only 6 weeks before 9/11?

    Can you believe that D1ck Cheney was in command of NORAD from a bunker underneath the White House, telling fighter pilots to stand down?? Can you believe that he was in charge of NORAD and didn't approve of the 9/11 training exercise that put fake blips all over the screens of air traffic controllers??

    Can you believe that United and American Airlines both had put options that were multiplying the 3 days before 9/11... and nobody had forewarning of the attack?

    Can you believe that all the gold, silver, etc. in the vault underneath one of the WTC buildings was missing?!?

    More importantly, can you believe that there was a terrorist meeting planned for 9/11 that was canceled... that there were a fire alarm test in WTC 7 for hours the morning of 9/11... that there was a NORAD training exercise on 9/11 that put fake blips all over the air traffic controllers' screens... that there were numerous explosions coming from [nobody knows where in] the buildings... that the terrorist's passport fell to the ground unscathed... and that all the precious metals underneath one of the WTC buildings vanished -- yet not believe that these are more than just coincidences!???!?!?!!?!??!

    Please do not dismiss one of my questions unless you have the answers to all of them.... Thanks!

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    Sparky, I can't believe YOU.

    Congrat's on becoming not only a Chomskyite, but a 9/11 conspiracy kook like Rosie O'donnell who said things like:

    "I do believe that it's the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel. I do believe that it defies physics that World Trade Center tower 7-building 7, which collapsed in on itself-it is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved. World Trade Center 7. World Trade
    1 and 2 got hit by planes-7, miraculously, the first time in history, steel was melted by fire. It is physically impossible."

    Man, I hope you never reproduce! :devilish:

    BTW - I think you should tone down the font size on your new chomsky quote. I can care less what you put in your sig, but the large font is rude.​
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    And I can't believe YOU continue to ignore evidence, logic, etc. Research about WTC 7 before you post on it. A couple tiny fires in the building did NOT destroy the steel frame. You can clearly see from reports of those around it and even the video of it collapsing on itself... that it was a controlled demolition. I do not believe that a couple burning desks would make a building like WTC 7 collapse. If you have evidence of such a small amount of fire collapsing a building... lemme see it.

    What do you think caused the building to collapse at nearly free fall speed? I do not understand how there could be no steel erected at the site of 3 buildings... when only 2 of them were hit by airplanes. Even those 2 should still have had some of the steel columns erected. I can understand the pancake theory of the concrete floors... but what caused the steel columns to collapse, break, melt? I don't think it's plausible that the gasoline caused ALL of the steel columns to melt all the way from top to bottom of the building. But maybe I'm that crazy.


    If anybody else would like to discuss these "coincidences" or "oddities".. by all means, help me understand without bringing in analogies of a host from The View.​
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    BTW, RC... if you could answer my "Can you believe..." questions, that would be most helpful to the discussion.
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    sparky.. something about you just ain't right..
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    Sorry, Tedd... I really didn't mean to leave ya hangin' like that. I had typed up a decent little response, but I lost it when I got overloaded with a million other things.

    Anyway.. I remember the Pop Mechanic article, and it wasn't all that scientific and ignores several other parts of the story

    Basically, you can find most any information about 9/11 that's worth knowing from this website.... ... That's as objective and as real as it gets.

    Here are some good links you can start with...

    - Popular Mechanics Debunked
    - WTC 7 was taken down by controlled demolition
    - Explosives in WTC Dust
    - Molten Steel

    - Molten Steel in video form

    There is so much evidence out there that points to 9/11 being an inside job it's unreal. Look around the website and be amazed at how objective it is... and then let's talk about who ain't right.
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    Internet went down while I was typing this continuation. . . .

    Between that last site I posted with all the 9/11 evidence and the site I started this thread for (_ _), which literally talks about how it coulda happened... there are just so many pieces to the puzzle that need to be seen before one can make an educated decision. Watching the Loose Change video from a few years ago only provided a few clues with a good bit o' ****, too, that discredits the 9/11 inside job "theory".

    I will admit that I think Chomsky is right [in this video on YouTube] in that people waste far too much with this stuff. The 911research & how911wasdone websites took some serious effort to "reverse engineer" the most mysterious attack in modern history. What good is it if we find out Larry Silverstein, D*ck Cheney, and a few other guys were in on it?? We still only have 2 political parties who don't give a damm about the people - only businesses, the mainstream media is still controlling the majority of people's thoughts, there are a ton of people who still can't afford health care, every household is still in debt $130,000+, the Fed is still printing money out their arses, etc., etc., etc... Chomsky mighta offended quite a few people when he said "Who cares? It doesn't have any significance... What difference does it make?", but I can say it's time for me to put the nails in the coffin for this one.

    I believe that [some of] the powers that be in America did this, even if it meant hiring some Israeli folks to put dynamite all up and down the elevator shaft of these 3 buildings and a few other guys to fly the planes. If you have evidence that it wasn't an inside job... lemme hear it. As far as I can see... 9/11 has demolition all over it. Just for this one day in history, steel lowered it's melting point to the lower temperature of burning jet fuel. Just for this one day in history, a steel-framed building collapsed just from a couple small fires, not even being hit by a jet. Just for this one day in history, NORAD took their sweet time before even scrambling fighter jets. Just for this one day in history, all the precious metals in WTC 7 vaporized, along with any actual evidence of any persons or a group who truly attacked these buildings.

    It's ashame that we retaliate at a country like Iraq, which had NOTHING to do with 9/11. I have lost all faith in humanity. Perhaps it's time for me to pick up a Bible and skip to Revelations? I'm tired of the truth. I've seen nearly all the pieces of the 9/11 puzzle that there is to see, and it's not pretty. If you care to find the truth about 9/11

    (1) watch the Loose Change video
    (2) watch the Zeitgeist films
    (3) read the 911research website
    (4) read the how911wasdone website
    (5) read and watch some more
    (6) don't be so frivolous as to ignore an entire video or site just because of one error or preposterous guess
    (7) put all the small pieces together, then make up your mind
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    as stated some stayed here in San Diego

    yes some of the terrorist stayed right here in San Diego just before 911
    many here had interactions with them and their strange ways
    those guys were proven to be sick puppies even before 911

    I never heard about the passport floating down unscathed
    yes probably that along with a million other papers -- left in fine condition

    if our government was involved in this how many people would have to be involved ??
    10 ?? 25 ?? 50 ?? maybe
    if only 10 do you think none would have talked by now ??
    oh yes we know how you paranoid think
    yes we know -- they were all snuffed out the next day
    that's the job that I want !!!!

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    MM... how do you know that the terrorists stayed in San Diego? How do you know who the terrorists were? Did you see their passports? Did you see their name on the flight manifest? Is their passport or name on the flight manifest proof of anything?

    "We were told that 4 or 5 of the alleged hijackers were on each of the flights... if so, there names should have been on the flight manifest. But the flight manifests that had been released contained neither the names of the alleged hijackers or any Arab names whatsoever....

    Evidence, also, was apparently planted. The passport of the hijacker on Flight 11 was allegedly found in the rubble." (Zeitgeist 1)

    And guess what... the owner of that passport, Satan Suqami, stood up a few months later.

    "At least 6 of these 'Hijackers' are still alive. The FBI has to this day not revised their list."
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    I already said... I'd pick two Americans -- Larry Silverstein and D*ck Cheney. We already know that one is EXCELLENT at spouting lies, and I'm sure the other isn't too hard behind if he'd be able to triple down on his billions, ignore having to fix the asbestos in the WTC buildings, get kickbacks from Haliburton, oil companies, and gang, etc.

    Two Americans hire a few Israelis to line the elevator shafts of the buildings with explosives. These same Israelis steal the passports and other ID from the "alleged terrorists". These same guys fly the planes. Could be done with only 2 Americans involved, but there were likely a few more.

    Look at the whole picture... watch Zeitgeist at a minimum, then look at the scientific evidence at 911research, which is completely objective. They disprove the missile attacking the Pentagon theory, but there are a ton of legitimate questions that will prolly never be answered, because the Gubmint and powers that be want you to believe that the passport truly belonged to one of the terrorists, and it didn't incinerate like everything else (steel columns, anyone?)... it made it to the rubble so that the proper authorities could identify him and spread the word to us all.

    This wouldn't be the first time that the U.S. government and mainstream media lied to you. Ya know that, right?
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    Sparky, there is a fairly straight-forward explanation for the destruction of the "steel columns" you rant about.

    There weren't any, really.

    The buildings in the WTC were the first large scale implementation of a perimeter supported structure. The burning jet fuel did not "melt" the columns, it merely did what any forced air charcoal smith's fire does - it heated the metal enough to slightly soften it. Each floor was independently supported by the concrete and steel core utility shafts, which were designed to take very high compressive loads and low lateral loads, and at the outer edges by the external skin elements.

    When heated to the point of sagging under the load they carried, those beams slid off of the outer support pins, which allowed them to drop onto the floor below, which doubled the load on that floor, then tripled it on the next, and so on. Watch the towers fall - the process is exactly as I've just described it.

    The explosive impact on each succeeding floor caused the slightly lower ones, not so weakened by fire, to slam into the core structure, pulverizing the reinforced concrete of it and adding that debris to each successive impact. The external steel skin supports were pulled inward by the forces of those support collars/pin that did not immediately fail, and added their mass to the accelerating debris, which was a highly turbulent and chaotic proces, pulverizing them with lateral shearing forces orders of magnitude greater than they could withstand. Look at the pictures once the dust cleared - the only clearly identifiable structures left are a few ragged elements of that support skin, and the concrete stub of an emergency stairway. Amazingly enough, one man rode that collapsing stairway down, coming to rest about 5 storiesabove street level with relatively minor injuries.

    As a youth, I read extensively about the construction of the twin towers, and I knew they were fairly unique in their structural design. Sept 11th I was called into the break room at my office by one of my people who had seen the broadcast of the impact of the first plane, and watched the second one (clearly a fairly large airliner) hit the second tower. I watched the impacts again and again and again over the next little while, and saw the fires spreading. My GM was a former Air Force fireman, and he said he expected the firemen to extingiush the blazes - I told him that, no, those towers are coming down, and explained why. Shortly after that, the first one fell,

    It is a virtual certainty that whoever planned that attack had a fairly good idea that they might well come all the way down.

    WTC 7 is another situation entirely, and the "official explanations" just don't wash.
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    yes and Osama bin Laden just happened to go on TV and take the credit -- right ??
    he stated that he did not think the towers would come complectly down
    seems that he is more honest than many around here........

    it's unreal what some believe -- must be a strange world out there for some...

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    MM... it's unreal that you have ignored the two greatest sources of truthful information that I have found to exist. Go download the Zeitgeist movie for starters. Watch the video of Bin Laden that is obviously not even Bin Laden. Pay attention to the ties between the Bushes and Bin Ladens, and how the Bush Administration told federal agencies to back off Bin Laden's family in Virginia.

    MM, please, dear God... go download the original Zeitgeist movie (NOT the Addendum) now and watch it when you have 2 hours to watch from start to finish. "The first thing to do is recognize the reality."
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    Sparky, you really have to stop believing every kook video you see on youtube. You're embarrassing to have around here. Zeitgeist - :rofl:
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    RC, when will you ever provide some substance of ANY sort around here?

    The reality is that you would rather not discuss anything that didn't involve me, right? Why is it that you're so attracted to me, anyway, RC? When it comes to posting comments about me versus comments about the topic at hand, you're far greater than a 5:1 ratio. I wouldn't mind if your comments were even remotely close to 1:1 and you threw out some decent information... but your goal is to provide disinformation. What's up with that?
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    Sparky - your definition of "substance" must be searching for "corpratocracy" and "conspiracy" on YouTube and posting all the links here, then telling everyone that the burden of proof is somehow on US to disprove all the fecal matter you spread around.
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    My definition of substance is stating information that is pertinent to the discussion. In no way whatsoever are the fictitious characters RC & sparky pertinent to the discussion of 9/11, the economy, religion, etc. When you try to disprove my position by saying things like....

    "you really have to stop believing every kook video you see on youtube. You're embarrassing to have around here. Zeitgeist - :rofl:"


    "Sparky, I can't believe YOU.

    Congrat's on becoming not only a Chomskyite, but a 9/11 conspiracy kook like Rosie O'donnell who said things like: blah, blah, blah. . .

    Man, I hope you never reproduce! :devilish:"

    .... you're really not saying a whole lot of anything, and you're clearly not trying to present anything pertinent to the discussion. I make things easy for people to learn all kindsa things, some of which may or may not be true, but are still good food for thought, just nice thinking exercises even if we can't figure out the truth.

    What is it that your comments do again?
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    It keeps your poop topics floating at the top of this forum. He!!, you should be thanking me because it it weren't for me, some of your poop would have sank to the bottom where it belongs. :jester:

    I don't care who ya are, that's funny right there!