Do you need a license for a 24cc MB in the UK?

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  1. jamesv

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    Hi guys, I'm building my first bike and I live in Guernsey in the Channel Islands and we have the same laws as the UK apart from we have no MOT, will I need a license for a 24cc motorized bike? You don't need a license for an electric bike so I'm not sure!
    Thanks guys

  2. motorpsycho

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    24 c.c.'s?
    seems kind of small for a bike.
  3. jamesv

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    Yeah i know it's small, if the idea works then i will look into getting a 49cc but this is more of a test really, and i've seen 25cc's working fine!
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    I think UK laws require highway rated tires and some other motorcycle type things. I'm not sure about the license. Maybe one of the blokes will answer up. You could look at our legal/legislation subforum to see if there are some posts about the UK there.
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    trust me, if you hook up a 24 c.c. to a bike after about a week you'll want a 49 c.c., and then you'll want a 66 c.c. a week after that.
    then you'll want to add performance parts to it, and re-gear it for more speed (or torque).
    it always works out that way.
    once you build one and get bored with the 15 mph top speed, you'll want more power, and more power and more power....
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    dont know about gurnsey but on the main land you cannot have ANY engine on a bike with out first registering with the dvla then its the same as a moped tax insurance mot et cetra but seeing as i dont want to take a tinkle on your dreams ive also included a linky to a man that has done all of that and thoughtfully provided a uk how to i hope this helps my man

    right then the link wont paste in so highlight after to [url] right clink open link in new window enjoy
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    ive been a member 5 odd months now, how long is the time limit?thanx
    ignore that loquin sorry
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