Do you think my engine will fit this bike?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Helmet, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Helmet

    Helmet New Member

    Hi there. I'm very new to all of this and I have brought a 69.7cc STARFIRE GT4 BICYCLE ENGINE KIT from this site

    What I wanted to know was, do any of you experienced lot think that it is possible to fit it to this bike

    Cheers, Will

  2. brendonv

    brendonv Member

    ahh it should but look around at the pics n see if anyone else has one, i think i saw some1 that does so it should. Although im not sure how much bigger the 69cc is compared to my 48cc engine, hopefully the height fits. If you havent got the bike yet and got the engine, measure up the engine and go shopping for the right bike at walmart or kart or something. They got cruiser bikes nicer than that one there.
  3. Helmet

    Helmet New Member

    Thanks for that. I would go to walmart but I'm in the UK so we don't have them over here. Just looking for that kind of style so will keep looking in the local shops around here.
  4. brendonv

    brendonv Member

    Yeh there are some nice cheap cruiser bikes around, look at the kulana moon dog, nice bike!