Do you think this is a good Sprocket size for my Push Trailer Project?

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by Rgvkid, Mar 24, 2009.

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  2. macarollo

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    goodness! I seems like that is a lot of stress on those idler pulleys.

    With that sprocket you'd have a sweet 0-10mph time! Problem is that it would top out at 10mph!
  3. duivendyk

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    The ratio is around 8 to 10 to one eyeballing it,assuming a direct drive througthe gearbox and a 8k engine speed,the rear axle does 800 rpm or with a 26" wheel it works out to something like 100 mph.So it's quite a bit faster than 10mph!
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    I think he was just imagining using the sprocket, not the gearbox and engine from the bike.

    There is no way a single speed push trailer could reach 100mph.
  5. duivendyk

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    Actually the computed speed was 100 kmh or 60mph instead of 100mph.Of course it's anybody's guess what's in the gearbox.In any case,in my opinion nobody in his right mind would build a vehicle to do 10mph,60 is seems more reasonable.
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    I think your calculation is still off.

    Assuming he used a normal sized go-kart or smaller engine, with a standard clutch (10-12 teeth) and this sprocket/wheel.

    With a normal sized clutch (disregarding pitch difference) and this sprocket... I think the ratio is closer to 20:1 or greater.

    5200-5500 RPM is more reasonable for most push trailer engines.

    using this equation...

    26 inch tire (probably need something this large so the sprocket would be smaller than tire), 5200rpm, 240 teeth on axle & 12 teeth on clutch (to make 20:1), you get 20mph top speed.