Doahntcha know, you have a noo membur from MN!

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  1. MSPeder

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    I stumbled upon your forum after doing a google search for DIY mopeds. I must say, this is cool! I didn't know what these bikes were called, but I knew they existed because I see them all the time. There's a big motorized and manual cycling scene up in the Twin Cities.

    Anyway, I was wondering about a certain bike. Would you be able to turn this bike right here into a 50cc moped that travels at around 30 MPH with working headlights, tail lights and signal turners? That's all what it would take to make it street legal.

    I picked out this bike because it works out for me very well. I kind of have a small body frame (5'10" 160) and I barely bottom out the suspension on that bike. I prefer smaller bikes because I prefer the agility of a BMX over the visibility a 26" MTB would offer me. Furthermore, if I do bottom out my suspension, I have a spare suspension coil from one of my other bikes in my house.

    Take care!

  2. professor

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    Hi and welcome to Motoredbikes!
    Where you gonna ride where you would bottom out the suspension?
    Lots of bikes here don't even have sus.
  3. MSPeder

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    Just side streets, basically. I can switch out suspension coils though.