Does anybody know wassup at Staton Sales Division?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by bamabikeguy, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. bamabikeguy

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    Over in the Staton-Inc Reviews, where the rule is:

    My ONE "review" was in the form of a question, that's why I'm posting this in Rack Mount (i didn't vote in the poll, you can imagine what my vote would be):

    to which duivendyk replied:

    So, now in addition to unanswered e-mails about shipping info, I waited until business hours (9:30 a.m.) to call, and left a message on a machine.

    Result? Zip, nada, nothing. Is anybody home?????

    Does anybody have inside info? At least during the Great GEBE Backorder of 2008, I knew some of the circumstances, could give my customers a time frame. And since I've gotten 3 Robin Subarus (35cc) in a row from up in Michigan, I don't know of any engine shortage.

    This is a "hobby" business for most folks here, and when somebody documents an install, with pictures, tips and tricks, it is to help others, which I was going to do in the new TRIKE section.

    I've bought from Staton before, know there are no instructions with kits, just two photographs. "Your kit should look like THIS when finished".

    From my Oct. 2007 thread:

    Transactions for hobbyists are "cash on the barrelhead", the customer pays me a substantial down payment, I forward the money to the supplier, then "trust" the unit will ship in a reasonable time frame. And in that Staton Review section, I read "4 DAYS", assumed that to be true.

    Unanswered requests for shipping info is stretching the concept of trust, with me anyway. I waited for 2 weeks to pass before trying to contact Staton for updates, but this SILENCE is starting to really **** me off.

    Irritated, by the lack of customer service, NO RESPONSE TO MY SIMPLE REQUEST FOR SHIPPING INFO, would be the best description of my mood.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Staton currently has 8 items listed on ebay with a string of positive feedback right up till yesterday. My guess is the bay is where he prioritizes.

    I've had some issues with Dave in the past on slow customer service with direct sales on special orders but which were always resolved and I always felt he was an honest guy.

    From your description of the transaction, it sounds like you'll need to escalate and make clear your concerns in the phone messages you leave.

    FWIW, in the past I've had luck talking to Dave around noon, CST. When I've connected with someone, it's been him answering the guess is it's a small staff he's running.
  3. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Thanks Happy,

    The positive feed back up till yesterday is re-assuring, in these times of tight credit and business closings, at least I know he is still in operation.

    My last e mail would have been so simple to click on and reply to, a matter of 10-15 seconds to say "sending out Friday" or "will arrive next Tues":

    Part of the necessity of this forum is to help those e-Bayers who can't figure out a tweak or don't know about the important Break-In procedures.

    It would seem Dave would know how the forum is MORE important than e-Bay AFTER he sold the kit, where he could maintain his small staff, because we voluntarily are solving his complaints, sharing specific tips and tricks.

    A bike built via the forum is going to run better than some individual on his own, because of all the other tire/wheel/etc. advise.

    Like I said, maybe somebody who has more pull with Dave, (than I have) would somehow get that idea, Staton's "co-operation" with the forum might be a better idea than having folks rant.

    I don't want to escalate, but as you folks can tell, Dave would NOT want me to post my review on his precious e-Bay....

    Or would he?

    Backorders are understandable, not giving a forum member a simple 20 second e-mail reply as to shipping info is NOT a good business practice.

    Experienced forum members don't need coddling and handholding and somebody to call them back quick if a bolt is stripped.

    But we do deserve an answer, after 10 days of requesting, a ship date.
  4. Mountainman

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    hate to hear this
    reminds me of times in the past when contact with Dave seemed next to impossible for me

    he comes through in the end
    question being -- when does the end come

    great product -- can't understand why he can't hire a school boy or girl
    to answer phones after school for 2 or 3 hours
    posted with his site information -- best if calling between 3 to 5 pm
    hope that someone is close enough to Dave at Station
    so as to help out with these very frustrating matters

    ride that thing
  5. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Exactly the point, how many folks have read on the forum since 2006?

    Thousands, I would guess. His staff can stay small, but the forum grows every day.

    I d*** well know more than 5 of those Worksman PAV's were done last year, based on my 2 customers passing on the knowledge to their friends.

    Once the build is understood, the know-how gets passed along the line, which means ZERO hassle for Dave in the after-market.

    He can't have the same "no hassle" experience from e-Bay, even though the price of the kit is the same.

    The new season approaches, and this whole "turnover" of cash/engines is going to be critical in a month or two, and it may be best to get this "customer service" issue cleared up before the spring rush.
  6. pumpbuilder

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    Sounds like he likes E-Bay for sure and is one of those guys who pull an Ostrich when they have no good news and just ignore you. Maybe you need to call around to other "reliable" vendors, get some "real" quotes that include a shipping schedule and ask for a refund. Sounds to me like he is not even starting to build your kit even tho he has had your money for weeks.
  7. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Not wow

    I made the observation above about Staton's eBay business solely for the purpose of assuaging the OPs concern for his order IE: that the company is in business and functioning with current feedback.

    It's uncalled for you to suggest anyone is an ostrich, is ignoring anyone, is not "reliable", doesn't offer "real" quotes or is "not even starting to build" anyone's kit when you have no idea about knowing any of those particulars and are commenting from pure conjecture and not personal experience.

    Your post does nothing to help the Op find resolution, smacks of agenda, and the fact you've chosen to advertise in your sig line makes that abundantly clear.
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  8. bamabikeguy

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    Besides, I need a sprocket/chain for the trike, friction won't work....

    But I finally got hold of Dave yesterday afternoon, right about when the tornado alerts were going off and his electricity was down....

    He said he'd ship it (or mail me a tracking number), I guess I'll call the customer and give a weather excuse.

    But that kit better ship ASAP.
  9. pumpbuilder

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    Well, HV since I don't sell anything here my sig line is what it is.

    Sometimes Real life effects comments here. I am attempting to finish a new product launch and I am stuck waiting on a vendor to supply me with parts and I have no other options. So when I hear about someone else dealing with the same issues it struck a cord with me. I disagree with almost all of Augidog's comments below except for I wish DE had some representation here as well and this is all me, not them. I base my comments on other systems on comments posted here by users of the systems when folks want comparisons.

    At any rate if I have been offensive here please accept this as an apology.
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  10. augidog

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    EDIT in reply to above edit: just as you comment based on what you see on the board, so do others...and the now-edited comments were based on what i & (apparently) others had seen. a while back MBc evolved to consensus that we're only going to talk about what we DO know, and bad-mouthing (or wrongly guessing about) a company or drive-style (without direct experience) isn't the same as telling us what's so good about the one you prefer....

    i consider DE & Staton "america-friendly" companies & therefore allies in the revolution. i believe DE would do well to arrange for some official representation here, maybe spring for sponsorship to attain "sticky" status for a support topic, the very least, get "vendor status" for someone they trust to represent 'em.

    sorry for the OT stuff, bama'...

    i think ebay is setup for the UN-educated MB'er, tho we can do pretty well there once we know what we're looking at...i see many instances of higher pricing than what's available thru direct site-sales...the newb, in his excitement, clicks "buy it now"...and so it goes.
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  11. bamabikeguy

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    Finally, a day after finally reaching Dave on the phone:

    Feb. 11, 2009

    A benefit of this debacle might be some of Staton's MB-forum members, those with long-standing dealings and contacts, might explain to him how the answers and solutions happen HERE in a fast manner.

    This is especially true for those of us sub-contracting the builds for others, if we aren't informed of problems or back orders, the ill-will gets magnified, with the trike owner wondering if he's ever going to see his tricycle again. Alls I could tell him was "4 day shipping is the norm".....

    And how it would reward customer and supplier alike if ALL VENDORS treated MB orders (which are priced the same as e-Bay kits) with equal priority, at a minimum....

    I can now start a trike thread documenting the build, bury all my complaining with this entry.
  12. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Glad it's working out, the anticipated tracking number in hand.

    On the flip side, I've received shipments from Dave in 3 days. His is a small shop so 'just in time' inventory control probably won't be a feature. Not making excuses, I've also groused some about what I thought was in-attention to my anticipated schedule in regard to shipping times in the past. In the end it worked out and I was happy.

    One thing for certain, like his style of products or not, no one can say they are poorly made.

    Good luck with the build.
  13. Nuttsy

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    "...i see many instances of higher pricing than what's available thru direct site-sales...the newb, in his excitement, clicks "buy it now"...and so it goes."
    Quite the opposite Augie,
    I called Dave out on this very thing of offering LOWER prices on Ebay than his own site; as if he were in competition with himself. For that I was admonished on this forum for jumping to conclusions about good ol' Dave. And by David himself that I didn't shop prudently. Psssh. Cusotmer service is not something Staton understands in my opinion. When I finally made enough of an impression for him to respond, oh yes, he called my house. I was at work at the time so he spoke to my wife and quite rudely. and then hung up on her. She didn't even know what it was all about and said nothing to him regarding my complaints.
    I made excuses for him at first about his inferior support equipment; bearings, kill switch, and such, acknowledging he doesn't make these parts. However, he still includes these substandard parts in his kits. But I came to realize he just doesn't give a poop about his customers once he has the dollars in his bank.
    I didn't give a review of Staton either as it seems nobody here wants to hear anything negetive about Good Ol' Dave.
    As I told him, 1st and last business I do with Staton
  14. augidog

    augidog New Member

    actually, i've never done business with staton, that statement was general & completely NOT specific about them...and i'm pretty sure that i stayed out of whatever past experiences you had, except maybe moderation for content or conduct if it was that long ago.