Does anybody know where to get the best engine kits?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by blankbox7, Oct 29, 2009.

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    I just got my new 50cc engine kit from zoombicycles. I got it because my original 80cc had some major internal metal debris problems that completely destroyed the engine (also from zoombicycles)

    I started to install the new motor, and it doesn't fit... nowhere does it say that the 50cc engines have smaller mounts than the 80cc. I'm going to have to ONCE AGAIN replace an engine.

    So, does anybody know where the best of the best are?

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    GEBE with the eho35 engine. Works very well with 34 or 36 tooth spoke 26 in. wheels... A little pricey but sooooo worth the money. The one I have is at the bottom of that page and is the best in my opinion because you don't have to mix gas and there are no chains to adjust.
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    I would go with thatsdax. They are having a discount right now- $109 for their 70cc engine and they are perhaps the best with their warranty. If something goes wrong within 6 months, I have no doubt that Duane will replace whatever breaks quickly.

    They also have the Titan engine which from what I've heard is an excellent engine. Couple that with the BMP friction drive and you should have a low-maintenance, high performance kit with a 1 year warranty. I would have gone this route but it was outside of my price range and I'm the kind of guy who likes to tinker with mechanical stuff.
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    I'm waiting on my third kit (last two from Zoom on E-Bay) Not had a problem with the first two. $115.00 or less including shipping. Out of Canada and takes a full 7 working days to Alabama. DON'T deal with lickyearlybird on E-Bay. Bought my first of three from them...NEVER again.
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