Does anyone have any extra clutch cables

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by commanderroach1999, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. I will but them from u for $10 (shipping included) if so I will need ur email so I can send u a paypal invoice.

  2. Frankenstein

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  3. butre

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    the clutch cables are just regular bicycle brake cables. you can get them for about $3 on ebay
  4. zippinaround

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  5. crassius

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    brake cables are sometimes a bit thinner, but they'll work
  6. zippinaround

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    cant complain for $1.85!!
  7. Frankenstein

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    Damn straight!
  8. Steve Best

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    Local bike shop or Walmart, brake cables. $5-$10
    I like keeping the local bike shop in business.

  9. But the arrival date will be like october.
  10. Frankenstein

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    OK so pull a brake cable off an old unused bike
  11. Frankenstein

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    You can't possibly have no friends who don't have an old bicycle laying around in the back yard covered in rust. Ask around and tell whoever you borrow it from you'll replace with a new one.
  12. zippinaround

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    well if you dont want to wait go to a local store and buy one