Does anyone have personal experience with Wildfire Bicycles?

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  1. John-Forrest

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    Hello, I'm on the verge of shelling out money for this Wildlife Bicycle that is all put together. Some of the advantages I see about it is brakes are good, it has strong frame, lights, rims, and engine shouldn't be a problem with state troopers in MA. I just got it for 400$, not bad for whole thing.

    Anybody have any personal experience with this model or company?

    Here's the ebay address: Or just google "Wildfire Bicycle 49cc"


    John-Forrest Bamberger

  2. azbill

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    I lurk motored bikes on e-bay at least a couple times a week (been doing it for 1.5 years)
    first time I have seen this bike
    I think that company just started selling mb's
    it DOES look like a good deal tho

    ps...that looks like livefast's exhaust (kinda unique shape to the silencer)
  3. turbo/chaos

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    nope its famus in china by the one and only don grubee its the us version of the shotty built honeybee and the engine is a grade 1 type engiine the same that derringer cycles uses which will die in a 4 month period if ridein to hard

    and yes it did come out of nowhere on ebay but i would not trust it reason new built grubee kits are now comeing from indonesia
  4. srdavo

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  5. highoctane

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    wide open

    i bought mine in may. $400.from( dealer in columbus,ohio) i run turbo blue (115)
    in it sinse day one. ride 40 miles everyday wide open
    throttle,it just keeps getting faster. i make sure to
    check it over every night before the next morning
    comute. i like this bike. rather have an vintage wizzer, but, cannot afford one. if the wildfire motor
    blows tomorrow...i'll put an 80cc on the frame. in my
    opinian.. its a good deal @ $400.
  6. thcrw739

    thcrw739 New Member

    Anyone still like theirs?

    I thought about doing a best offer deal on ebay for $400 & then it will cost me $150 to get to my door, im sure they wont take less than that

    But not so sure about its build and all.
  7. highoctane

    highoctane New Member

    wildfire still burning

    i still ride mine on regular basis.
    i use 97 octane in it now. shortened
    drive chain a few links, removed tension adjuster.
    i had to quit running wide open throttle due to
    speeding over posted limit . being watched.
  8. thcrw739

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    Is that chain a problem with all of them?

    How hard is it to ride it like a regular bike like pedaling for a wile if i wanted to ride it that way for a wile, then kick in the motor when im tired?

    Is it comfortable to ride, is that back rack strong enough for a case or saddle bags for shopping and such?

    this particular model appeals to me because its manufactured this way, so legal issues shouldn't be a problem.

    adding a speedo a problem?

  9. highoctane

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    i don't know about "all of them "..
    just mine .but ,i'd say the tensioner
    is a problem for all. not a big job
    to shorten chain,sure saves adjusting
    everyday.i put metal pedals on mine
    the plastic ones was slippery when wet.
    it pedals fine like a regular bicycle.lighter than
    my schwinn phantom.but, you won't go far
    before you fire it up ! its too much fun !!!!
    i run saddlebags on mine.carry 64 lbs ...
    32lbs per side, daily. i weight 275. although
    the manual says 200 max. as for a speed-o,
    i'm sure one could be installed . the 2009 model
    has one. i don't believe in a speedometer . LOL.
  10. thcrw739

    thcrw739 New Member

    Really those must be 2008's on ebay doesnt say there is a speedo, wonder if they improved in any other areas?

    200lbs eh? thought it would be more than that

    Im 235lbs my self.

    as i mentioned erlier how comfortable is it?

    about how fast do you get on with that weight?

  11. highoctane

    highoctane New Member

    the original saddle isn't comfortable.
    i put a gel saddle on mine.
    the 2009 has 80cc motor,chrome fenders,
    whitewall tires speedo, squeeze ball horn,
    bigger mirror . thats what i remember.
  12. thcrw739

    thcrw739 New Member

    Hmmm, not sure what the ones on ebay are then, the guy replied and said it does come with the speedo, but it says its only a 49cc engine, but they are being sold by wildfire.
  13. highoctane

    highoctane New Member

    does he show a picture ?
    if so can you post a link to
    the page ? the guy where i
    got my 2008 has the 2009 for
    $800.00 .
  14. thcrw739

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  15. John-Forrest

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    I'm the one who originally started this post and did wind up getting a WildFire bike. I think I was mainly attracted to the picture; it does look kind of cool. But I will tell this - I would not recommend it. I wound up having to re-build the whole thing, it was not very well put together. If you want something assembled, just get a moped.

    Recently I put a 80 cc engine in and replaced the whole kit. I will say the frame itself is good. I replaced tires at the outset with kevlar, tires blew out within a week after receiving it. Had to replace throttle, their switch throttle is no good. Bicycle chain and motor chain tend to work against each other, one or other slips.

    All in all, I probably spent several hundred dollars beyond the original price just to fix it right. You'd do better getting a good bicycle then put motor on. I don't think I like gas engines - next time around I'm going electric! (Waiting for Lithium Ion batteries to come down in price.)
  16. thcrw739

    thcrw739 New Member


    Well thats not such good news about the wildfires.

    I have looked at several electrics, but they all are very slow & heavier
  17. highoctane

    highoctane New Member

    john got a lemon

    like i say i've riden mine 40 miles nearly everyday,
    well five days per week. even in rain .didn't ride it
    during snow & ice. had it a year now . lets see thats,
    200 miles a week,800 a month lets say for average
    of nine months give/take a day-two. thats 7200 miles. all i got to say is this... break it in right ,keep
    the maintenaince up... you'll get your money s worth.
    it has saved me far more than purchase price in fuel cost alone. 1.5 gallons a week . its just like anything
    else,some work out fine .. others don't. i like the idea
    of the electric motor . want to get one myself.i like looking @ the green while doing my countryside commute. hope it works for you .. whatever you descide.peace,h.o.
  18. John-Forrest

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    It could be I got a really bad one, because as I say, everything came loose - even engine! I got it for $400 off Ebay. Could be they sell the bad ones real cheap.

    Sounds like they started making them better by 2009; maybe they listened to my complaints to them! I will say their customer service was very responsive and they sent me free parts that broke.
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  19. thcrw739

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    I ended up spending a little more & purchasing a MetroRider Moped

    Ordered it from 1977mopeds, $900 shipped to my door, Didn't really want to spend that much, but i think I'll be happier with it then the Wildfire.

    Perhaps i'll do a real bike as a project when i have some more spare cash.

    Hopefully i still qualify to stick around here :)

    Thanks for your help guys.
  20. highoctane

    highoctane New Member

    john, mine is a 2008 model.maybe you should have
    maintaned yours better. i have six friends whom own
    the wildfire .we all bought them @ the same time..
    all still run good. we all had the tensioner problem.
    one guy had his engine bracket come loose.thats when the rest of us took ours loose & put locktite
    on the screws. all of us had the exhaust gasket burn out, put the pipe back on w/o a gasket,no problems sense.oh yeah, did i mention i built an intake to put a second carb onto mine ? to shoot NOS into the system.9very smal doses).i will say when the wildfire motor gives up, i'm gonna put an 80cc fourstroke on the frame.

    thcrw739, hope you have better luck with the MetroRider then my cousin had with his. he traded it off & got himself a 2009 wildfire.(go figure).
    you should have spent your money on building your
    own motorized bicycle. . enjoy riding your new moped. hope things work out fine for you.
    remember "maintenance"is the secret to success.