Does anyone have specs on #410 and #415 chain?

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    or provide me with a link to same?

    I know they're based on 41 chain, therefore it's 1/2 inch pitch.

    But, what is the width, and the roller diameter? Max working load and/or breaking strain? That sort of stuff.


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    Wow AZ according to that site 420 chain has the same pitch, same roller size, 1/16" wider, and way over twice as strong (3700 vs 1600) compared to 410 chain. Has anyone had any problems actually breaking 410?
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    Racing go karts, maybe... A couple of weeks ago, I saw that someone was selling a racing kart engine. 30HP, 100cc! Working load is about a third of the breaking strain. (if the working load gets too great, you end up with excessive chain/sprocket wear, chain 'stretch' and the like.)

    Thanks for the link, Bill. That answers most of my questions.
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    :cool2: question and answer...
    the essence of this place :)