Does anyone know how to attach a lawnmower engine?


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Mar 26, 2008
I have a 5hp push mower engine and was wondering if anybody knows how to hook the shaft up to a chain because it comes straight out the bottom of the engine?
What you are asking is " possible," but much more complicated than a small horizontal shaft motor. Possibly like converting a rear wheel drive car,,, to a front wheel drive.
Im sorry to say by the time you add the belts , pulleys, sprockets and jackshafts you will end up with a frankenstien that will only stay together on a full moon. Like dax says in the listed post above, trade with someone that has a horizontal shaft. Then do as Large Filipino said put it on a trailer pusher. Heres a few links my friend.
If you go with a trailer pusher, post back in this thread, and ill give you some centrifical clutch and jackshaft suppliers. I also have a mini bike supplier that you could modify the front end so it hooks up to your bike post like the videos. graucho
you could make a frame to hold it with the shaft vertical over the back wheel and have a rubber roller against the side of the rim

just a thought

ps: wouldnt it be a bit heavy to pedal with?
I would say yes unless you somehow can get the drive sprocket to freewheel.
Actually It is not a very heavy engine Thanks for the idea but now I am trying to put a 31cc weed wacker engine on by atching a bike gear to the flywheel and welding another gear to the bike wheel.