Does anyone know how to connect kill switch wires????

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by StrontiumEthics, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. StrontiumEthics

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    Can someone tell me how to connect the kill switch wires. 3 wires commin out my engine. black, blue,white. the black and blue i know connects to CDI, and the white for something else, my kill wires are black, and red, where do i connect them. A picture/ website could be more resourceful. thanks.

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    splice the kill switch wire from throttle assembly (i assume) to the blue wire coming out of the CDI (I soldered new blade connections) and tin together and put in connector. this way you can remove engine and not have to cut/undo the kill wire. black wire from throttle goes to ground (bottle cage brazeon works great if you have one)
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  3. don't bother with a kill switch. buy a simple on off switch from radio shack and wire it between the black wire coming from the CDI and the black wire from the magneto. That way you won't get zapped by the kill switch discharge like so many of us have.
  4. Irish John

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    You can also get very good Yahaha & Suzuki kill switches in motorbike shops for about $15 and they fix onto your handlebars nicely and don't take up much room. The wiring is the same as per the normal one but you don't get zapped and it doesn't fall apart. The HT kit calls it a kill switch cos it tries to kill you!
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    haven't gotten zapoed maybe cause my ground wire is solidily connected to my frame. how have people connected the ground wire on bikes that don't have bottle cages?
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    A moderator on another forum uses his clutch to kill his engine because he doesn't like using a kill switch -a very bad idea.

    I find that using the engine choke is a great way to kill the engine in lieu of shorting out the magneto to kill the engine.
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    ^ +1

    after replacing my magneto this week, I'm going kill switch free. A properly tuned (healthy) engine with no air leaks should die with full choke. I'm definitely in favor of making these engines as simple as possible.

    you can stall them by letting the clutch out with the brake on-but that seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me-strangulation is more humane.
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    Correct me if im wrong. Using kill switch damages your engine???
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    perhaps an EE can chime in, but what I've read about the kill switch on here and there is that the new circuit robs juice to create spark but the engine is still turning over for a while and the mag and cdi are still trying to provide power to make the spark. as someone on here said.."low voltage can be as harmful as high voltage".

    perhaps a better setup would interupt the charge instead of grounding it?

    don't know if it damaged my parts but I can appreciate one less variable and if it happens again then something else is going on.
  10. Irish John

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    No it doesn't but you need a good one. The early Starfire kit one I use has been through 5 HT motors. It is on an alloy twist clutch and a touch with the left thumb kills the motor. For the Honda and Hs engines I use Yamaha & Suzuki trail bike kill switches on the left handlebar. The most useful purpose they serve for me is I like to kill the motor if a cop car is tailing me or overtaking me and staring at the bike. They can't see me kill the motor and they can't say it's not pedal assisted. There's ambiguity here about the term "auxillary power" after a Supreme Court judge recently ruled that an on an E-bike the primary power source was the motor and the auxillary source was the pedals. I do not want things to go that far so I have my kill switch by my thumb. The E-bike wasn't shown in the press but I think it was one of those electrified scooters with pedals stuck on as an afterthought to try & get around the law. I like to think that if you start with a pedal bicycle from a bike shop and motorise it should comply as being a pedal assisted bicycle. I'm not a lawyer but I've read the law and it's a terribly badly drafted piece of legislation and I wouldn't want to test it in any court.
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    Same as mine

    It sounds like you have the same kit as mine. The directions tell you to "connect the short wire to ground and the long wire to the white wire from the motor." But both wires are the same length! Is that right?
    Keep in mind that it's just a simple "momentary" off/on (normally open) switch which is used to short the magneto to ground and kill the spark. So you can pretty much hook either wire to ground and whichever wire is left over to the white one on the motor. I tightened my black wire under one of the nuts from the front motor mount and crimped a double-ended barrel connector between the red and white. I'll crimp on spade connectors later . . . Make sure you have good connections because you don't want to have them come loose (or you'll have to pop the clutch to stop the thing) and you also don't want to get zapped (I haven't been zapped, but obviously other people have).
  12. John-Forrest

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    Kill Switch Connecting...

    I'm having exactly the same problem and there seem to be contradictory answers here. Can someone just say whether or not black wire or red wire (or both) connect to white wire - without suggesting to buy something different?
  13. StrontiumEthics

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    Wow dude this thread started when I first built my bike. Now its a YEAR later! dammmm... Now im much more experienced. Here is what I do. I connect the 2 wires to my CDI (Same Color wires) , and last remaining wire I connect one to the kill switch and the other to a metal part of the bike ( Bike Frame if you can) it works by taking that electrical charge from the engine magneto going to the CDI and sending it to the bike frame, Grounding it, or in other words shorting the CDI, if there is no electricity to the CDI no spark. Get it?
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  15. John-Forrest

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    OK, I think I got it. Blue to blue. Black to black. Red from kill switch to white wire out of engine. Other black to something metal.

    I get the impression the two Y wires are for people with headlights - which I don't have.

    My impression is the kill wire is a way to divert electrons away from cycle between ignition and spark plug.

  16. fm2200

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    the white does not get connected to the anything but a headlight if you use one. You stated that you hooked to the red wire from kill switch to the white wire, this is wrong.
  17. John-Forrest

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    Actually, what I did works. There is a red wire from kill switch which I tied to white wire. The black wire from kill switch is on the handlebar.

    However, I have another problem, the throttle acts like it is all the way up and stuck there. That's why I wanted kill switch to shut off engine when that happens.

    One thing after another (sigh)!
  18. echotraveler

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    hey i was looking for this instructions...thanx search function! lol

    the diagrams don't ground the electricity, do they?

    thanx guys