Does anyone know if the Predator 99cc is still available (HF), or equivalent ?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by chrisnbush, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Currently have a DAX super titan / Grubee 4g build

    Working on my new build, want to use EZ motors clutch and HF 99cc motor - looks like Guenther has worked out the ratios pretty well.

    But I can't find the 99cc any more at HF, just the 79cc. Is this still available, and if not can someone suggest an alternative ?

    I could use the super titan, or the 144F-1d huasheng, but looking for more power than this. Can anyone tell me how the 79cc HF compares to a super titan or 144F ?

    It's really basic for me. I want to go as fast as possible up a big as possible hill. At this point I am going on the HF 79cc having more displacement. But I know that it doesn't run as fast, and I think this motor is rated at 2.5hp ?

    Another reason I like HF though, is the engines can be gotten so much cheaper. Even if they don't last as long as the Huasheng, at 100 a pop, I can just buy a replacement if I can't rebuild it easily.

    Any thoughts / recommendations would be appreciated



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    HF 99cc Predator is no longer being sold. There might be some available in local stores or on Ebay. I've bought several from a liquidator on Ebay that were fine. There is not much difference between the 79cc and 99cc Predator, other than the stroke. The bore, weight and dimensions are exactly the same.

    Another possibility is the 98cc Lifan from Home Depot:

    Comparing the 79cc, 98cc and 99cc to the Hausheng and Super Titan is that the former would have more torque. Since you want to get up the hills, you'd want an engine with more low end torque.

    You have to search the Internet form the performance curves on the engines. The only one you probably wouldn't find is on the Super Titan.

    The HF 79cc and 99cc have some performance parts available at Affordable Go Karts:

    The 98cc Lifan is the same engine as the Doodle Bug Baja minibike engine. A performance carburetor is available, but I don't think it is ported, only rejetted:

    Good Luck,

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    Hey thanks

    Based on what you are telling me, I am thinking to go with the 79cc predator as again, EZM has apparently worked out the ratios on it, additionally they have a pully available that gives you some kind of high low range ability, with not too much dissassembly.

    Once I have that up and running, I will be looking for something 99cc in the future I think, although I would be cheating a bit. I am not crazy on these things, I commute - this is NH. I certainly don't want to go over 30 on a bike with a motor (except maybe downhill !) - I want the power to just be able to get up pretty much any kind of hill, but not max out at 20mph to get there

    Thanks again