Does anyone know if this site is legit?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by agrmodz, Jul 7, 2016.

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    yes, it is one site i think most here can agree is A+.
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    Okay, Thank you! :)
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    Does anyone know if the free post on their site is for world wide? i'm located in australia and i think its american..
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    what a horrible design. the extra long header is only for convenience. you'll have a powerband too low in the RPM range and it will prevent you from reving out as high as you could with the stock pipe.
    Just keep the stock pipe. There are other things to do which are important for power.
    1. replace aluminum gasket with a home made fiber one which will seal better.
    2. use sandpaper on glass to plane down the head surface to increase compression
    3. put an iridium spark plug on it
    4. put a fully adjustable carburetor on it
    5. dremel some off of your magnetos woodruff key for more power (click on my signature link to read more)
    6. make sure your intake port has an open duration of 120 degrees. Also widen it.
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    Fully adjustable carb? Please explain further, anything easier must be more difficult which is better and easier in the long run, once you've adapted to it.
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    like I said "click on my signature link"
  8. i will say this, I have this exhaust. Got it from gasbike ( didnt order it, not sure who did, but it came to me. Sometimes their incompetence pays off, but usually not.). And it is pretty shitty. On top of everything else, mine rusted out pretty quick. If you gotta have it, drill it out. Second, I've gone to Jags site, and read most every stitch of information including the external links. My bikes take my 200+ lbs body between 40 - 50 M.P.H. all thanks to him. Definitely worth the read.
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    Site is legit, but pipe is not a great design.