Does anyone know what this sprocket is for exactly?


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Apr 6, 2020
I came across this ad on offerup and this guy was selling 5 or 6 2 stroke kits and 10 to 12 4 stroke kits and also a LOT Of spare parts!! He was trying to sell everything all at once and I offered to get 2 of the 2 stroke bikes running tha he had posted for a couple kits and he tells me if I can get those 2 running and install a chain drive 49cc 4 stroke kit on a bike that had a friction drive setup on it already that I could have EVERYTHING !!! Needless to say I was more than stoked about that . But here's my question I have a box full of these what look like 44 tooth sprockets but these have some kind of bolt on round freewheel type of insert on them and I cannot for the life if me, figure out what they are for. They have 6 mounting holes, and a big snap ring on the backside . And 2 round metal plates on the front and the top one spins freely forward, but won't spin backward.. it sorta locks up like a Coaster brake?? I'll include some pics and a short video demonstrating what i mean . And also if anyone in the Orange County or Los Angeles County area is interested in one of these lemme know I'm sure we can work something out I have about 20 or 30 of these strange sprockets .thanks in advance I appreciate interested all the help I can get. Lol


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Looks like from a jackshaft kit maybe. I've also seen sprockets like that inside 4stroke gear boxes