Does anyone know what this whizzer is

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    I have not been able to find any info on this frame. It is odd with out the lower bars and that gusset at the front. It looks to be an older bike. Any info (year value) would be greatly appreciated as I am considering taking it in on trade but I know nothing about it.


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  2. Hive

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    Schwinn knee action but frame looks generic, without dual low bars, with tank, not sure a Whizzer, however. Not what I recall as original Whizzer output. I would guess not a Whizzer, not a Lawrence Ave Whizzer anyway.
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    I can't tell you a thing about that bike NewportWhizzer. But it'll have some value. Somebody will probably come along with some better evaluations than mine.
  4. Hive

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    Could be "Monarch" frame if old. So many Schwinns funny not their frame. Yes, someone will take a liking to it. I used to ride a Whizzer...crazy machine and served us well in the days of Cushmans and Indians...but all is relative. Whizzers were picky suckers and you never were sure about its running. Travis front wheel friction was only motored rig I recall from then...
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    Frame is from a newer whizzer. You can tell from the ignition hole.