Carby does anyone know where i can get a carb like this?

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    I'd like to see if i can find a carb like this, but a "speed" or a higer performance one than stock.
    this is from my 48 c.c. happy time engine that i bought about 4 years ago.
    the carb is a totally different design than the standard carbs that come with the majority of the engine kits (with intake tubes).
    mine does not have an intake tube, the carb is bolted right to the cylinder, and it's a great design.
    The carb is 4 inches closer to the engine, which gives me that much more room for clearance (because i'm using a tiny 20" frame).
    There's nothing wring with the stock carb (i think it's also an n/t/ carb, but i'm not positive right this second because i'm at work).
    I just want to see if i can upgrade the carb to see if i can get a little more power.
    right now, the bike will top out at around 30 mph, so it runs great.
    My gearing and wheel size has quite a bit to do with the 30 mph top speed.
    I just want to see if i can find a performance carb like this that will be a simple bolt on.
    Or would it be a waste of time trying to upgrade the carb. when the one i have works perfectly fine?
    The issue I have with the carb is that it's TINY! it's a lot smaller than the standard n/t carb. for example, the carb slide in this carb is approx the same diameter as a U.S. dime. The slide in the standard nt carbs is bigger than that. I can not add an intake tube to this engine because of the sylinder design, unless i custom make something. But then, i would run into clearance issues with the frame.
    Any ideas?


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    ok thanks.
    what do you measure to figure out what mm the carb that i have is?
    like the has 19 mm carbs, and he also has 28 mm carbs.
    I know that teh bigger ones are for bigger engines...but what do i measure on mine so i can get one that's close to what i already have?
    like if mine measures out to be 15 mm, i want to try and go up to a 19-20 mm just to see if it makes a difference.
    I know, you don't want to go overboard and put a huge carb on a 49 c.c. engine and overcarburate it....but i need an idea of what i have now, so what do i measure?
    the throttle bore?
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    For a example A NT carburetor and stock intake is 19mm. So measure the intake (outside diameter), and any carburetor that is larger then the intake will need a bushing. A 28mm is much too large. If you don't have a micrometer, you can use a open ended wrench to measure with.

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    ahh, but my carb/engine doesn't have an intake tube.
    My carb is bolted right to the cylinder.
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    Going back I see that now, just missed it the first time around. I would imagine a 19mm throat with the same bolt width. Measure the intake opening, which is probably a 19mm and not a 28mm. And look for the same bolt pattern, or something close, and open the mounting holes. Nice looking set up by the way. How well does that tensioner work?
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    its the carb from a standard china 50 two stroker. so id be looking at mini bike upgrades for any type of better carb with the same bolt pattern. CAG racing or something innit?

    measure a carb by the throat diameter. normally. but some of these vendors have an arbitrary measurement system based on random guesswork.... id put a standard NT at being 16mm at the most, and one of these poxy lil carbs as being a 13-14mm.

    a mikuni 18mm is twice the size.... and they are definitely measured on throat diameter.