Brakes Does anyone use different brakes than come on the bike?

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  1. So, does anyone use different brakes than just what come on your bike? I had to take the pedals out of my bike-:rolleyes7:- and I put a caliper brake on the front end. I didn't know if you guys used disc brakes or just the scrubbers that are on there. Thanks!

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    Adding drum brake wheels is easy. A front drum wheel fits any fork. However, it is tough to bolt an engine sprocket to the rear drum wheel. Probably best to use a shift/jackshift kit in that case.
    If you are using a friction drive, a rear drum brake is no problemo.
    Seems like the most popular brake upgrade is to simply add only a front disk brake, since the front provides up to 75% of the stopping power. Sometimes you can buy a cheapo mountain bike with a front disk from craigslist for less than buying the parts yourself (disk wheel, disk compatible fork, rotor, caliper, disk cable and lever).
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    brakes and such

    I use V-brake clones and they seem to do the job quite well. I do have to check them before I go out on a ride because I tend to wear down the pads pretty quick, But I have can lock up the rear wheel and stall the engine if I choose to.

    On my front brake the fork I installed was set up for a cross bike so I had to cut off the old cantilever braze ons and weld new ones in place. This made my bike more stable because it slackened the head angle a bit. I also replaced the rear dropouts with track bike ones, but I made sure that the rear hub placement was the same so I didn't have to change the rear brake mounts.

    So I guess I do own a chopper.

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    I put better v brakes on my point beach, stock ones were junk.
    Tip find some high end used ones for cheap...many bicycle riders upgrade their brakes to super expensive ones , buy their high end brakes for low price, and wow what a difference..
    Sometimes you can find some good used ones at a bike shop the has upgraded some ones bike and kept their old some new pads and wala!!!
    Also i bought new cables from a bike shop , what a difference...
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    I agree

    What I did was to put Tecktro brakes with top end Koolstop pads on my bike and they work grate. I did have some problem with them squealing a bit, until I got them alined correctly. Tecktros are not top of the line but the design is well thought out.(shimano clones)

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    I use BB7 203mm discs, front and rear.
  7. I automatically replace the V brake pads that came with my bikes with a premium pad like cool Stop or Rav-X. On my most recent 48Volt build the speeds are high enough that I replaced the original v brake arms with longer units to increase the applied leverage when stopping. They have shortened my stopping distances noticeably.

    On one bike with a disc brake in the front I replaced the cheap, second rate caliper original to the bike that tended to bind up with the excellent BB-7 unit. It was very pricy, but worth it.

    I absolutely must have good brakes on both wheels. A single brake is far to ineffective at stopping a motored bike at the speeds we can reach to even be considered.
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    I replaced the standard front hub with a sturmey-archer dynahub/drum brake, and kept the existing V-Brakes. The handle bars are a little ... busy ... though, so I think I'm going to replace the two brake levers on the left with a single pyramid double-lever.
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    Just a related question:
    Can a Sturmey Archer X-FD (front drum brake) be used on a rear wheel?
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    If I bought a front brake hub would that hub be any bigger than a standard wheel hub? Would I have to buy different length spokes too?
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    Sure, but why? You wouldn't have a sprocket! The 70MM drum in that hub wouldn't be very powerful as a rear brake, either, I have one and found it woefully lacking as a rear brake.

    That totally depends on the hub, there's many many different hubs out there. For the most part, yes, a drum hub is larger than the average standard hub.
    If the difference isn't too great, then you may be able to get that drum hub laced in a 4-cross pattern with original spokes. I had that done with both my wheels.
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    As for brakes, Mountain Bike Calipers work well on cruisers, road bike calipers won't work, the brake arms are too short to clear the big, thick, tire of a cruiser or Mt. Bike. Ditto for Rat Trap Bars brake levers, they bottom out on a straight bar. Mt. Bike levers work well on cruisers, and hybrids. My Rat Pedal bike has Mt. Bike Bars, levers, and a cruiser saddle. Rides like a 3 speed, climbs like a 10 speed.