Does anyone use or have seen a road bike frame?


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Apr 28, 2008
Does anyone use or have seen a road bike frame with a motor?

Pictures would be appreciated.
Closest I've seen is the Schwinn Suburban. Two members here rigged it up here.
I just don't see how to do a throttle to that twisted handlebar or why any roadie would want to add an engine to his 2 thousand dollar one pound bike.
I was thinking about that. You could do a hybrid setup perhaps with straight handlebars and a sleeker road bike frame. I was considering it since I already had a road bike, but the thought of those skinny little tires whirring along behind the force of an internal combustion engine kind of scares me.
I've got one of those

I have an old shwinn that I got at a junk yard with an engine kit that I got off of ebay. You're right, those skinny tires are pretty scary.



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Bent over like that would mess up your spine from all the shocks over long distances.

However wind drag would be low and you could use a small rear sprocket for impressive speed.
I am finding it has impressive speed just as it is. I can't get the spedo to work with the engine running (resets all the time) but I did keep up with traffic in a 35 zone for 3/4 of a mile with both engines (me and the HT) running wide open. Had to have been pushing 40 mph. I don't really do that to often though. around 20 is a comfortable cruzing speed.
oh wow is that a 70 schwinn varsity yeah it is isnt it i built one out of a smaller frame version it is scarry on the corners but the straits you are just blazeing down the road

this was my old city pounder be carful with the frames they tend to break
and this was a 65cc type d dax engine i swear 27inch on a stock kit i was doing 45mph down the road redlined to heck but got the job done


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This is just with a 48cc livefast kit. I think its a 44t sprocket.

Where did you frame break? I'm keeping a close eye on it, I have around 150 miles on it right now. If I ride it every day to work I rack up about 50 miles a week.