Safety Does it scare you?

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by Oddzball, May 16, 2011.

  1. Oddzball

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    Man, i dont know if reading these forums has made me paranoid or what but all the horror stories about accidents and wrecks related to parts failure has left me wondering if the benefits of riding a motorized bike are worth the risks of serious injury or death due to something as simple as a fender or an engine seizing up.

    I guess you cant "not" do everything in life because you are afraid, but, am I the only one who gets this feeling that these (albeit awesome) machines are really deathtraps in disquise?


  2. wbuttry

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    Well it depends how you go about installing them. Everything is inherently dangerous thats life. The fenders are fine if just peddleing not good on a motor bike. And motor seize i never have had that happen doesnt mean it wont. But it hasnt as of yet. You just gotta be aware of your surroundings and wear a helmet...
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  3. Oddzball

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    I always wear a helmet, but i have to travel through some high traffic areas, ive done the whole trip twice now. Just kinda scary and sad, all the folks on this forum who have been horribly hurt or killed.

    My bike is going back on the rack while I work out my fenders and chain issue. (Cahin sometimes hits the tire when things get a little bouncy)
  4. lsoult

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    My chain tensioner came loose @ 35+ mph down hill. The chain popped off and I got wrapped up in my bike. My muffler burned my leg on the back of my knee which would stick together while sitting and ripped apart when id walk..... that was last month and it still hurts when I stand up.

    On the plus side. I love my bike. After a day or two of gimping around, I was back in my garage trying to fix it.... and when I did, I felt like a overcame a huge obsticle. Wouldn't trade it for the world....

    As previously mentioned there's a lot to say for doing it right. Listen to the guys on this forum..... especially the ones who have 3+ builds. Some of them do this for a living, I can't see why they keep posting the same tips over and over again.... but they do, and I take fulll advantage of it. Well I try anyway :).
  5. wheelbender6

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    If you don't want to tighten bolts regularly, you may be better off with a scooter like a Yamaha Zuma. The maintenance is very simple, but must be done regularly.
  6. Oddzball

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    Oh i check all my bolts and nuts regularly, every time i ride it.

    I was just shocked at all the carnage these bikes seem to reap on folks. WHo would have though?
  7. hammer5312

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    well the speeds at which I ride my bicycle, if I happen to go down, its going to freaking hurt especially since I'm 47 and I don't bounce.
    I should wear a helmet, I wear one on a motorcycle. My area of the country doesn't have that many bicycle I worry riding a motorized bike is going to be any different depends on how stupid I am....
  8. Big Red

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    Nut Protector

    Hey hammer5312,
    You say ya wear a helmet when ya ride a motorcycle. Do you take it off when you slow down to 35 or 40mph? I'm sure the answer to that is a great big NO. I'm 56 years old and I have'nt bounced for over 20 years. I DO wear a helmet EVERY time to protect that big old nut that sits on my shoulders. Besides, In california it's the law.
    BIG RED.
  9. rustycase

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    Possibly a million miles on and off-road before gubment intrusion.
    Far, far fewer since that time.
    I don't like helmets one single bit.
    I think even less of those who would infringe upon my choice.
  10. Oddzball

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    I just wear a helmet because everyone else drives like retards, I mean, my first major trip through town and some jerk almost flattened me when he passed me ont he left and then took a right turn directly in front of me.
  11. Happy Valley

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    This topic comes up from time to time though mostly ignored. It's not very popular, and who cares, but I agree with much of the common sense aspects of what you write. Originally the idea was MAB, motor assisted bicycle, a small engine or motor added as a helper to pedaling a bike. Where they're legal, the majority of states have regs that define a motorized bike or moped as under 50cc, under 2HP or 750 watts with operating speed under 30MPH on public streets.

    Lighting, visibility, a helmet, no sandals, etc.....well, ya know.

    Adhering to those parameters, again with common sense in selecting a bicycle with decent brakes, wheels, frame etc, a suitable engine/motor and components and reliable way of mounting them on the bike, makes the whole thing a very reasonable proposition as a means of cost effective alt. trans.

    Unfortunately that's not always the case, sometimes 'mission creep' sets in and it becomes just a low cost entry into two-wheeled motor sport or cheap substitute for getting a motorcycle. So, I expect there will be mishaps and accidents, increased scrutiny by law enforcement and further legislative restrictions.....and that scares me.
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  12. srdavo

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    I agree!
  13. lsoult

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    I know what you guys mean by riding smart and not drawing attention from the fuzz. There's a teenager in my neighborhood on a MB. I hope he doesnt tick somebody off. If enough ppl compain it'll ruin it for everyone.
  14. hammer5312

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    I understand what your saying...not sure why I don't, it's kind of hypocritical, since I tell my 11 yr old she can't ride her bicycle without a helmet....
    I keep meaning to get one...
  15. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I agree 100%, and EVERYONE should be using blue loc-tite on as many nuts & bolts as possible. get rid of the cheap china nuts & bolts and upgrade to much better ones.
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  16. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    If you use the correct hardware ie., lock washers, ny-lock nuts, machine bolts you minimize the problem. Ny-lock nuts are meant to only be tightened once after that they lose their gripping ability.
  17. SlugMan

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    I would recommend a front break on all builds. Last year, when I built my first bike out of an old beach cruiser it only had a coaster break.... I figured, it will work just fine :) Well, about a month later I was comming down a ridge, VERY steep, and my chain came off!! NO BREAK.... 'O' Sh#%! Busy Intersection @ the bottom of the hill. I Had to drag my shoes, which peeled the rubber right off of them. Ended up dumping the bike in the grass... Scared the **** outta me :)
    Also, I've hit sand on the pavement taking a corner, and the bike just falls from under ya. SLAP! BANG! POW! OUCH!
    Be careful, these are toys that can bite back.
  18. retromike3

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    A question about responsibility

    Any time you're out of the public road there is a possibility of an accident. If you're writing a skateboard, motorbike or Sherman tank the answer is to ride responsibly. Because you're on a motorized bicycle you don't have the inherent safety of steel cage wrapped around you or seat-belts. This being the case you have to take extra care in your surroundings. I was traveling last year when I hit some gravel while I was making a left turn. I hit the ground and ruined another helmet. I also banged up my motorbicycle a bit. Granted, if I was driving an SUV I would've not fallen over, but I actually like being outside and I like the freedom that I get when I ride my motor bicycle. its kind of like having a bicycle without all of manual labor.

    The top speed I got on my road bike is over sixty miles an hour and I don't think you could walk away from that if you had a crash. In fact the only times I have spent in the hospital has when I was riding my pedal bikes.(I used to have seven and now I am down to four including my motorbicycle.)

  19. robin bird

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    Today it seems there is a lot of fear of anything im getting myself installed inside a plastic bubble with a feeding tube -- but wait what if the person feeding me puts poison in there ? see what i mean media and everyone getting more paranoid ---man you could disappear for ever in the wilderness around us here ---hardly anyone does but thousands have died in car accidents ---wait --drive a car thats dangerous woah !
    Build it with a quality engine ,high end parts no problem but Chinese CARP yes your bound to i used to also !!
  20. wbuttry

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    you can have a accident just walking down the sidewalk step on a rock trip or twist your ankle or fall off the sidewalk and into traffic splat road kill soup but you gotta live and take a chance in life like everybody said use good bolts and nuts and lock tite and your brain and then you got a chance but remember nobody makes it out of life alive........