Carby Does Modifying the Air Intake/Filter require you to tinker with the carb Air-Fuel mix

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    Right then... so this is my first post.I got my kit about a month ago from and love it. I installed it on a cruiser and its been running great after some mechanical troubleshooting and tuning. Now in my insatiable quest for more power and speed I've done a few modifications and all of them have worked out more or less pretty well, but one thing that stumped me was the carburetor. I ran it for the first Tank on the prescribed 16:1 ratio and after a bit of fumbling carpshoots i got the correct tan color on the sparkplug by adjusting the Carburetor. This thing runs well rides well and everything but once again in my speedpants I had something brewing... so i decided to cut the original NT carb's black organ intakes a bit bigger so it can let more air in. will this require me to re-adjust the Air/Fuel?

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    Go by how it runs, sounds. Tinker with the mixture screw till it runs at optimum that's all you can do really.
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    cutting the back off the airfilter wont do a thing...

    but, technically you gotta fiddle with the mix when even the weather changes, so to answer the question.

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    Allright, Thanks for the advice guys. i'll Run i today and see how it works out and keep you posted for further knowledge.
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    So I put-putted around town and found that it had increased torque at low Rev's and the max speed wasnt really affected. the carb did not need any further tuning and I verified this by doing a plug-chop.