Does rust have a special attraction to Whizzers?

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by sofasurfer, Sep 5, 2011.

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    I am not a Whizzer guy...yet. But I am quickly developing an interest. My question is this...
    Whizzer "finds" frequently come from barns, garages and basements. In my internet research to learn more, I see that many of the fresh finds are very rusty. I mean, they seem to have a heavier coating of rust than many farm implements that have been outside, in the field for 60 years. With that in mind, are the frames and fenders usually pitted and damaged by the rust to the point where they need special treatment to render them prime-able?

    Where would you recommend that a person go to see a good documentation of a "barn to finish" restoration. I would like to see all of what can be involved.

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    You migth want to sign up to the "Whizzer Newsletter" It's $25.00 per year. it has both vintage and new whizzer info. Fred White writes articles for the vintage and Quenton writes for the new.these guys are top notch!!! call Mary Kay at 630-897-3601 or e-mail her at
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    Hi sofasurfer,

    Consider the high number of Whizzers put back into service. Never found a vintage Whizzer motor that couldn't be rebuilt. They really made them to last, the parts were so "over-built" that rust doesn't even slow them down...LOL

    How often can you find something over 60 years old, rusted, and easy to put back in sevice.

    When I raced for HD I was treated to a tour of one of the assembly plants, and to my surprize there were hundreds of cylinders sitting outside in a fenced in area. When I inquired as to why they were allowed to rust, I was told it was part of the "aging" process. Therefore maybe "rusing" is a good thing...LOL

    Have fun,