Does the 927 Maxima 2 stroke oil have Cator in it?

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  1. I went to my local motorcyle shop and they have the 927 Maxima 2 stroke racing oil,but it doesnt say on the bottle if it has the 20% Castor oil in it....Does it have Castor oil in it?
    I have heard alot of good things about the oil with Castor in it and want to start running it.....

  2. Ok went back down to the motorcyle shop (was cruising around on my bike and thought I would go back in and look at there scooters)and found the 927 Maxima Castor oil....It is 10.00 for 16 oz and mixed at 20:1 is 4 oz per gallon so that will make 4 gallons....That comes to 3.25 a gallon for just the oil,that is expensive....Does this oil make that much diffence in the life of a HT engine compared to Valvoline 2 stroke oil or another name brand oil????
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    Yes, it does but you can make your own or get it elsewhere cheaper. Pure degummed castor oil can be purchased from a radio control model airplane shop for 22 dollars/gallon. If you add 4 oz of oil to each gallon, use 3 oz of your favorite synthetic and blend it with 1 oz of castor.
  4. We have a R/C shop out here were I live....I wil go down there and pick up some Castor oil....What brand synthetic oil do you recomend?How about Royal Purple?I hear its good....

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    4 oz of oil per gallon of gas = 32:1
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    :jester:just avoid breathing in the exhaust fumes, ha ha.... ;)

    unless you enjoy something "running in the jeans" :ack2:
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    is what I used. It is Grade AA degummed castor oil. DO NOT USE CASTOR OIL FROM THE GROCERY STORE OR PHARMACY- it is not degummed and often has sugar added to it for flavoring.

    Morgan fuels (new site is not up right now) also sells their castor oil and their proprietary blend of synthetic oil.

    If you blend castor oil with your 2 stroke oil, it will make it better. In fact, you can save $$$ by buying cheap TCWIII oil made for outboards in gallon size from Walfart (not recommended using straight/soley for use in our engines that are aircooled) buti f you blend it with castor oil, you'll get a very decent oil at reasonable cost. I would blend castor with TCWIII oil at 50/50 ratio and run it 32:1 in our engines (4oz per gallon).

    I'm currently running 3oz of castor oil blended with 1 of of low ash ESP diesel motor oil (15w-40). It burns clean and did fine on a 4 hour ride yesterday running mostly at full throttle (about 34 mph). ESP oil from Walmart is about 12bucks per gallon. It is a low emission, low ash, low additive oil that is designed for new diesels so as not to plug up diesel particulate filters with gunk from it being burned. I had some left over from an oil change and didn't want it go to waste. I'm very happy with it so far and will let you know if it affects engine life or worses engine gunking. The ESP oil I use is from Chevron and probably has low amount of viscosity index improvers to reduce ash deposits when burned.
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    I run the Maxima brand 927 castor oil. Love it so far. It lubes the inside of the cylinder and crank very well. Of course this is my first MB.