Does the owner removing the carb on a Honda GX35 themselves void the warranty?

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  1. chad

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    I have been having major bogging issues with my new Honada GX35 engine. And I have been unable to find a close by repair shop, that will work with Honda's warranty program. So I tried to find the problem myself.

    While I was removing the carb a o-ring flew out, and this o-ring appears to be the wrong size.
    I believe this o-ring is so posed to be around 5/8 of an inch long, but the o-ring on my GX35 is 7/8 of an inch long.

    Basically it (seems) the factory put the wrong size o-ring on my engine. And perhaps this o-ring was allowing unfiltered air into the carb.

    I would like to complain to the place where I purchased the engine from. And I would also like to complain to Honda about this.

    But if I tell them I took the engine apart myself, will it void my warranty?
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  2. Tanstaafl

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    Most manufacturers normally have that CYA catch 22 of, "to be serviced only by whatever techs".

    Me, I would contact them anyway, never know unless tried.
  3. chad

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    I was just looking at pictures of GX35 carb's, and the factory put 100% the wrong size o-ring on my carb.
  4. chad

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    I contacted the place where I purchased the engine, and they said they would get back to me via email (and I am still waiting for the email.)

    I had 3 choices with my GX35 engine problem.

    1.) Find a Honda dealer who will work with the warranty, (and spend time and gas finding and getting to the dealer.) Be without a engine for a very long time. And then most likely pay some fees for the repair services.

    2.) Get a genuine Honda carb sent to me, and pay $65.00.

    3.) Buy an ebay non-Honda GX35 replacement carb with priority shipping for $33.00.

    I just choose 3.

    The only good thing that I can see coming from my repair decisions, is that I am learning to take apart and repair the GX35 engine.
    I have seen diagrams of the entire engine, and it is very simple. And all parts are readily available.

    I hope the new non-Honda carb is not faulty, and it fixes my engine problems.

    But when I replace the carb I will clean the original carb.
    And I hope while cleaning it, I will learn to make any possible adjustments as well.
    And then one day I will put the original carb back on the engine.

    Have a good one,
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  5. Old Bob

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    Good luck on warrenty work if that engine was mounted to a bicycle frame, that voids the warrenty right there.

    Who was the place where you bought the engine?

    Heres a dealer right in your town.

    Honda of New Orleans
    2428 Williams Blvd
    Kenner, LA 70062-5724

    Sales and Service
  6. chad

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    I purchased the engine from the "small engine warehouse."
    But until this moment, I have always assumed it was 100% Honda's fault.

    When I took the new engine out of the box, the (gas tank) did have a slight gas smell. But I always assumed this was from factory engine testing. The engine appeared to be brand new.

    Is it normal for a new engine to have a slight gas smell in the gas tank? (I don't know.)

    What if the "small engine warehouse" tried to make my engine look like a 100% new engine, when it was actually a engine that somehow got used.

    What if the "small engine warehouse" took my engine apart to clean it, and put on the wrong o-ring by accident when putting the engine back together?

    I understand that Honda does quality control. I believe a Honda worker would 100% know that the o-ring was the wrong size. And I believe a Honda worker would be jeopardizing their job, if they put the wrong parts on engines they build.

    I have absolutely (no) evidence that the "small engine warehouse" placed that part on my engine.
    But what set of factory circumstances would cause a Honda worker to put the wrong part on a engine?

    I assume this o-ring must be placed either on the carb (or) into the choke apparatus, in order to put the engine together.
    When placing the incorrect 0-ring in both locations, it is easy to see that it's totally the wrong part.

    If its normal for a new engine to have a slight gas smell in the gas tank (then I believe Honda did it.)
    If a new engines gas tank should have (no) gas smell in it (then I believe the small engine warehouse did it.)
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  7. Old Bob

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    What engine is this SA SA2 etc and what model carburetor? pics?

    The GX35 uses a WYB where GX31 use a WYL. The WYB is sealed with an oring where the WYL is sealed with a round gasket approx. 7/8 in diameter.Its possible the original buyer swapped carbs etc or their personnel made a change.

    Its not Honda's fault and its not Small Engine Warehouse fault. You need to read about their inventory.
    Honda does test fire every single engine but you need to read this:

  8. Silvaire

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    Bob, where do you get this information from?

    I have purchased one brand new Honda utility engine and one "new in the box" Honda tiller, and neither one had the slightest odor of fuel in them anywhere at the time of purchase.

    With the excellent quality control that Honda has, I can't imagine that they would go to the expense of test running every small engine that they build.
  9. Silvaire

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    If you decide you need a complete new carburetor for your GX35 engine (likely only if your engine came with the wrong carb), I would suggest checking for parts at is usually my first source for any Honda engine and mower parts.

    For example, their price for "a" particular GX35 carburetor is $36.98 - and their shipping is fairly reasonable too.

    An intake "O" ring is $.85 from them. If that's all you need and your local Honda dealer is close by though, the simplest thing would be to just order one from them.
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  10. Samdallas214

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    I was woundering why not just replace the o ring.
  11. Old Bob

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    Honda. where else?
    a test run after assembly is quick,can be done at the assembly line speed and assures quality, they are not the only ones who do it.
    They don't use the carb or the tank which is why they don't smell like fuel.

    As I quoted SEW website its possible the engine was fueled by the original customer,every engine I got from SEW has smelled like gasoline,but I've never had a problem.

    In this case pictures would help along with the carb number and the suffix code on the engine.
  12. grinningremlin

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    Bob is correct, we rarely agree on anything, but the man knows motors.Honda/Robin-Subaru/Tanaka all have serious quality control, can't have their name compromised, it a Japanese thing.China just pumps them out with not much concern to tolerances and such, quantity over quality.
  13. chad

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    This post was deleted on accident, sorry.
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  14. chad

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    The GX35 I purchased from the small engine warehouse, had a 100% positive fuel smell in the gas tank.

    Since the Small engine warehouse's return policy says, "you can't return a engine after fuel, has been placed in the fuel tank." I just assumed the fuel smell was normal from the factory.

    (I will never buy another engine from the Small Engine Warehouse.)

    I called the "Small Engine Warehouse" and I told this to someone there, I was told they would contact me by email, and I have not heard from them yet.

    I have read a lot about the reliability of the Honda GX35, and chances are, if I would have purchased from someone else. I would not have had engine problems, and my bike would be working right now.

    I would (highly) recommend NOT to purchase engines from the "Small Engine Warehouse."
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  15. chad

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    The engine has been having bogging issues, and they became so bad that my motorized bike is no longer usable.
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  16. Old Bob

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    What carb did you get?

    What model carb is on it now?
  17. chad

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    The following parts store has (good) diagrams of every part on the GX35.
    (Note: There are pages a - m.)

    On the following link there are two GX35 carb's. One costs $53.00, the other costs $36.00.
    Whats the difference and would both work on a new model GX35?
    (the carbs are in the "fuel" section)

  18. chad

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    I purchased a non-Honda GX35 replacement carb on ebay. It was $33.00 with priority shipping.

    What model carb is on it now? I wish I knew.

    Have a good one,
  19. Silvaire

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    Small Engine Warehouse states deep within the fine print on its website: "About half of the engines we purchase are surplus stock..."
    Buying an engine from them is far more risky than buying through an authorized Honda retailer, and it isn't a risk everyone should take.

    There is a pretty good chance the engine you bought from them had some sort of "event" occur between when it left the Honda factory and when you received it, and there is no way you will ever know.

    All you know is that you have an engine that doesn't run right, bought from someone who doesn't seem terribly concerned about doing whatever it takes to satisfy their customer.

    If this were my problem I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Small Engine Warehouse to fix it.

    It will likely cost you a lot more in time and frustration to prevail upon them to try to resolve this than to just fix it yourself - and by fixing it yourself you will probably learn a bit about your engine too.

    First, make sure the carburetor is a correct model for a GX35 engine (and preferably for YOUR model of GX35). As long at the carb is "a" carb for a GX35 though, it will probably work reasonably well.

    Second, it seems that you have already found that the O ring is too large. A new one is cheap, so just replace it.

    If after you have verified that the carb is correct and the intake O ring is a proper fit - and it still doesn't run right - then I would get a bit insistent with Small Engine Warehouse to do whatever it takes to resolve this matter.



    I made the above post before reading your latest posts.

    The Honda GX35 uses a Walbro WYB - but there are MANY different models of WYB carbs for many different engine applications. They may all look alike and bolt right on to your GX35, but will not necessarily work correctly. Just because someone offers a WYB carb and says it is for a Honda GX35 does not make it so. You need to verify application by part number. As a practical matter though, if a Walbro WYB is for some model of GX35, it will likely work "OK".

    First things first though, I would deal with the O ring. That may likely be your only problem. If it doesn't run right with a good O ring, THEN I would start checking carb part numbers.
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  20. chad

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    I was hesitant to follow your suggestion, to try to just change the o-ring. I thought it was a small amount of air getting into the carb, and it can't be causing my major bogging issues.

    But I went ahead and just changed the o-ring. And while I was putting it together, I could see the airtight seal I got with the proper o-ring.

    After I got finished replacing the o-ring I tried to start the engine. And it started right up.

    I have always felt my engine was not idling high enough. And with the new o-ring the engine was idling higher than ever.
    At idle it seemed like a new engine.

    While revving the engine perhaps I heard small bogging, on one of the revs. But I just went ahead with a test ride.

    It drove good. Though I have seen it run better at times, when I had a top end power band. (recently its like the engine has only one speed.)

    But changing the o-ring appears to have fixed the problem. I am going to see how it runs during the next few days. I am very glad I changed the o-ring first.

    I wonder what would have happened if I put on the Ebay carb?? I believe there is a fair chance I would have had problems (it would have been stupid for several reasons.)

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